Gallery of Works

  • A Prototype Reproduction of a Han Dynasty Crossbow Stock
    Context The people of China have long held the understanding that the crossbow was invented in Ancient China. And in all likelihood, they’re probably correct. That’s not to say that other cultures may not have also independently developed their own crossbow technology. However, the Chinese can document the use of crossbows into antiquity. In his … Read more
  • A True Line : an exploration in making and using the tools of the Architectus
    An Arts and Sciences entry for the Dragons Laire Candlemas 2021 Arts and Sciences entry. A True Line : an exploration in making and using the tools of the Architectus I started my journey towards developing the tools of a Roman architectus or military engineer with building my first Scorpioballista. I started the deep dive … Read more
  • A Very Brief History of Some Aspects of Newcastle Upon Tyne to the end of the 16th C
    Scholar’s Paper for the Scholars’ Assembly Aelianora de Wyntringham, OL What follows is a quick introductory outline, just showing a bit of what the paper discusses, with snide remarks and questions. Read the paper for answers and you’ll know a little about the best town in England! Newcastle Why – Hi, Aelianora (x 2)! and … Read more
  • Greensleeves on Mandolin with sung lyrics
    We all know of or have heard the glorious song Greensleeves, but does anyone really know who wrote Greensleeves or who it was written for. The history of Greensleeves is a complex one full of mystery and myth but I shall only talk about two of them today. Who wrote Greensleeves you ask? Well, that is one of the biggest mysteries that revolve around Greensleeves. Most … Read more
  • Introduction to European Women’s Short Cloaks of the 16th and Early 17th Centuries
    The purpose of this paper is to introduce the short cloak as worn by 16th and early 17th century women. The paper begins with a brief history of the short cloak prior to the 16th century. It continues with an overview of short cloaks by selected geographic region, comparing visual characteristics from period art and … Read more
  • My Early Period Flax Journey – 2021 A&S Champion
    In my modern life I am a professional horticulturalist. I became interested in growing flax about 4 or 5 years ago. I felt it was a good way to combine my modern profession with my passion for historical reenactment. I wanted to put myself to the test and see if I could grow decent flax … Read more
  • The Admonition of the Author to All Gentlewomen – 2021 Bardic Champion
    A reading by HL Maire nic Shiobhan, of the first half of Isabella Whitney’s poem. This poem directly follows the title work “The Copy of A Letter,” where Isabella Whitney discusses her lover leaving her and marrying another woman.  “The Admonition”, continues on the theme that Isbella, having lived through betrayal, is in the position … Read more
  • The Pell: A Great Workout Tool
    They say practice makes perfect, and every city, country, or empire wants their fighters to be the best, the strongest, and the most elite. The staple of any great nation would be the military that protects it. Any good military needs athletes that train every day, from cardio to weightlifting, and the Pell was a … Read more
  • The Tournament
    The Tournamentby Farcus Cedrickson (4/1/20) The sun has risen high,The hour then was noon.I look out at the crowd,For my tournament shall start soon. I started to put on my armor,Partially new, partially old.I begin to slowly realize,My opponents would be bold. Some of them come from afar,Many of them from near.They had all come … Read more
  • Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs in the Viking Period.
    Renart le fox de berwyk, OP Scholar’s Paper 2021 This is a paper discussing Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs in the Viking Period. Archaeological finds and macrofossil remains are used for identification. The paper is Here