Grant of Use Form

Greetings, and thank you for sharing your work with the Barony of Dragon’s Laire!

SCA rules require that before sharing your work, the Barony must have your official permission in writing. This is done by filling out the “SCA Creative Work Copyright Assignment / Grant of Use Form” — which I will call the “Grant of Use” form for short. This form is a legal agreement that you are willing to have your work — your Candlemas article, June Faire video, etc. — used for an event or posted on the Dragon’s Laire website. As the Dragon’s Laire Webminister, I am required by the Society to collect this information and keep it on file.

The form is available here:

The form will not be made public and will only be shared with Society or legal officials if necessary, such as in the unlikely event of a lawsuit or copyright claim. If you are under 18, please have your legal guardian (parent or otherwise) review the form and fill it out with you.

I am not a lawyer and this should not be taken as legal advice, but a common way to fill out this form is as follows:

  1. Enter your legal name.
  2. Enter your SCA name. If your name is included in or on your work, please use the same name in both places.
  3. Check at least one box to indicate the type of work (article, story, etc.); if your work doesn’t cleanly fit into any one category, pick the one that seems closest. For a web page, you can check the “article” box.
  4. Enter the title of your work. Feel free to enter multiple titles if you’d like this form to apply to all of them.
  5. Choose ONE:
    • Read option 1 carefully. If you choose that option, check the box and go to step 6.
    • Otherwise, check the specific options you’d like to allow. You can choose more than one if you’d like. Examples:
      • For an article on the website for Candlemas 20XX, check at least “publish the Work on a SCA web site” and fill in “Dragon’s Laire” or “Dragon’s Laire: Candlemas 20XX”
      • For a video or audio recording that will be shared during June Faire 20XX, check at least “perform (…) the Work at an Event called” and enter “Dragon’s Laire June Faire 20XX”
        • For this purpose, any recording can be considered a performance.
  6. If you are OK with me making minor tweaks to your work, such as fixing typos, formatting or adjusting the size of images on the page, normalizing audio volume, etc., then check the box next to “agree”. If not, check the box next to “do not agree”.
  7. Fill in the date and your email address, and (optionally) your mailing address.
  8. Sign the form.
    • Some PDF programs will allow you to digitally sign the form. To do this you may need to download the form (press the “download” button in your browser) and open the file outside of your browser. Then, please sign the form and save a copy, and email the signed file to the Webminister.
    • You may also print the form, sign it, scan it or take a picture, and email the picture to the Webminister. Please make sure the whole document is legible before sending it.
    • Physically mailing the form is also an option; if you need to do that please contact the Webminister for mailing information.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you!