Events in the SCA are an opportunity for the Populace to come together to recreate medieval life “as it should have been” to the best of a participant’s ability. New members of the SCA are welcome to attend Socials, fight practice, guild meetings, and day and weekend events. The only requirement for attendees at events is “an attempt at pre-1600 garb,” which the Barony is happy to loan!

Dragon’s Laire held its first event on October 17th of 1981: a feast! The first Kitsap Medieval Fair, which became our June Faire, was held from May 21-23 in 1982, and included our first public demonstration. Our 35th June Faire anniversary was in 2017!

Events in Dragon’s Laire change from year to year with the desires and interests of the Populace, the Coronets, and the Crown. As a Barony, we must hold at least three events including annual Championships for Arts & Sciences, Bardic, and Martiallate Activities. Martiallate activities are based on the desires of the Coronets and the activities of the Populace and can and has included archery, heavy, equestrian, rapier, thrown, and youth armored combat.

The Championships for the Arts & Sciences and Bardic Championships as well as the Scholars’ paper presentations are held in February at Candlemas. In addition to the single-entry presentations and Championships, Candlemas frequently hosts classes, fight practices, and social space as well as a grand feast!

June Faire is our longest running event and was originally known as the Kitsap Medieval Fair! Now a three-day camping event, this event has something for everyone and still includes our public demo, which is the largest in An Tir! Merchants bring their wares: everything from belts and sword to hair pins and soap. Martial activities including Championships, tournaments, and war scenarios spanning heavy, rapier, archery, thrown, and siege weapons. Arts and Sciences demonstrations from the An Tir Moneyer’s Guild, the Dragon’s Laire Culinary & Spirit-makers Guild, fiber spinners and weavers, wood-workers, illuminators, and more. As of 2018, June Faire also hosts our Martial Championships including archery, heavy, rapier, and thrown weapons.

Dragon’s Laire celebrates Yule the first weekend of December! Friends and family gather together for a day of laughter and feasting. Space to socialize is a must and other activities include classes, workshops, and fight practices.

In addition to official Baronial events, Dragon’s Laire hosts Arts & Sciences Day Camp or “play days.” Traditionally held twice a year, play days allow Populace members the opportunity to come together to teach classes, give workshops, or just share and discuss their projects. It also provides workspace and a fun atmosphere.

Our Barony also enjoys hosting Kingdom Events! Kingdom events rotate locations around An Tir and Dragon’s Laire has had the pleasure of hosting several September Crowns and Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championships recently as well as May Crown and July Coronation in the past. Members of Dragon’s Laire have also been Event Stewards and staff for the annual An Tir/West War held in July in northern California.

Many other events have been held in the Barony’s past and include Last Chance – a last chance to practice before the September Crown Tournament and the host of many of our Martial Championships, as well as Sergeantry trials, equestrian events, Harvest Feasts, Baronial picnics, and the Baroness’ Tea. New events are created based on Populace interests and efforts. Have an idea for an event? Talk to the Seneschal or the Coronets!

All our events are created and staffed by volunteers from the Dragon’s Laire Populace and the occasional Cousins. For more information about getting involved with events, please talk to the Seneschal or Event Coordinator!