Officers and Guild Heads

Baronial Officers

Arts and Sciences Minister:
Oversees Arts & Sciences
Arontius of Bygelswade heraldic device for Arontius of Bygelswade
Welcomes newcomers to the Barony
Halldora Bjorn heraldic device for Halldora Bjorn
Records activities within the Barony
Ciar ingen Fiachnae heraldic device for Ciar ingen Fiachnae
DEIB Officer:
Coordinates DEIB activities for the Barony
Jessy Gateman heraldic device for Jessy Gateman
Baronial financial officer
Guiote de Bourgogne heraldic device for Guiote de Bourgogne
Youth and Family ActivitiesFamily Activities:
Coordinates activities for families and children
Pak Sol Hwa heraldic device for Pak Sol Hwa
Promotes and teaches period games
Lucy of Leek heraldic device for Lucy of Leek
Golden Dragon Pursuivant:
Coordinates voice heraldry and assists with names and devices
Iohannes Owain ap Gwyllim Pengryth heraldic device for Iohannes Owain ap Gwyllim Pengryth
Maintains baronial library
Karl inn irski heraldic device for Karl inn irski
Coordinates scribal and illumination services for awards, etc.
Adelheide Leeuwin heraldic device for Adelheide Leeuwin
Administrative head of branch
Laurellen de Brandevin heraldic device for Laurellen de Brandevin
Social Media - Unofficial badgeSocial Media Officer:
Coordinates advertising and public relations for the Barony and its events
Caterina da Savona heraldic device for Caterina da Savona
Steward - unofficial badgeBaronial Steward:
Organizes branch storage and properties
Conrad Cedricson heraldic device for Conrad Cedricson
Maintains the web site
Máenach na Cailled heraldic device for Máenach na Cailled

Baronial Marshal Officers & Deputies

Baronial Marshal:
Oversees all combat activities
Andras Truemark heraldic device for Andras Truemark
Armored Combat Marshal:
Marshal for armored combat activities
(office vacant)
Archery MarshalChief Archer:
Marshal for archery activities
Brian of Cardiff heraldic device for Brian of Cardiff
Marshal for equestrian activities
(office vacant)
Keeps the combat lists
(office vacant)
Rapier Marshal:
Marshal for rapier activities
Felix Fitz Pierce of Dover heraldic device for Felix Fitz Pierce of Dover
Siege MarshalSiege Marshal:
Marshal for siege weapons like ballistae
Arqai Ne'urin heraldic device for Arqai Ne'urin
Thrown Weapons MarshalThrown Weapons Marshal:
Marshal for thrown weapons (knives, etc.)
Crystal of the Cretan Archers heraldic device for Crystal of the Cretan Archers
Youth Armored Combat Marshal:
Directs combat activities for those between 6 and 17 years of age
(office vacant)

Baronial Guilds

Culinary & Spiritmakers Guild:
Guild for cooks and brewers
Ciar ingen Fiachnae heraldic device for Ciar ingen Fiachnae
Scribal Guild:
Illuminating and scribing manuscripts and charters
Tamlyn of Wyntersea heraldic device for Tamlyn of Wyntersea