Recommend an Award

For a Baronial Award

Apologies: due to a server problem this form is not currently working. Please send your award recommendation by email to:

Follow this link to see the list of our Baronial awards.

For a Kingdom Award

We also ask you to take time to think about the future as Kingdom events begin again. Now is the time to recommend those gentles worthy of recognition by the Crown. The deadline for consideration by the Crown is at least four weeks prior to the event at which you are recommending the award should be presented.

How this works:

  1. First, look the person up in the Order of Precedence to see what Awards they already have:
  2. Here’s a list of Kingdom Awards: – note that there are now a variety of Award of Arms categories to choose from! Also consider recommending gentles for Grant of Arms awards.
  3. Then write a recommendation for a Kingdom Award at:
  4. To use this Form, you will need a kingdom account. Fortunately it is easy to register as a populace member: