• Polling: Nominations & Scheduling

    Greetings unto the Mighty Barony of Dragon’s Laire!

    As previously announced by Her Excellency, the Barony has begun the process of the Baronial Selection Polling. There have been some changes made to the process and I will do my best to articulate them 😊

    The polling process is primarily conducted by the Dragon’s Laire Seneschal, THL Ciar ingen Fiachnae. If there should be a conflict of interest, such as nomination, Deputy Seneschal Lady Furia Dommitia will complete any remaining tasks. Yes, she will have access to the email.

    The Crown will accept nominations from individuals and couples: a couple is defined as two people interested in the position and intending to work together – there is no restriction for gender or relationship status (friendly is advised).


    • If you want to nominate SOMEONE ELSE for Baron or Baroness, you should email the nomination to as soon as possible and include contact information, if possible. This will give the Seneschal time to contact the nominee, the nominee to decide, and for the required information to be gathered.
    • If you are nominating YOURSELF, nominations should be sent the Seneschal, the Coronets, and the Crown.,, and
    • All nominations ARE DUE by Monday, March 9th.
    • The Crown will deliberate on the information they receive and decide on which nominees are to be announced for consideration by the Populace. Once they have made Their decision, the names will be released to the Populace.


    • SCA Resume – do not include modern information
    • Letter of intent
    • Everything is DUE by Monday, March 9th.
    • If accepted by the Crown, your SCA Resume will be posted to the Dragon’s Laire website. Print copies will be available at the Meet and Greets.


    • Nominations are open from today until 11:59 PM (23:59) on Monday, March 9th, 2020.
    • Meet and Greets with the Populace all start at 6:30 PM and are hosted during Social/Fight Practice at the VFW Hall at 9981 Central Valley Rd NW, Bremerton.
      • Tuesday March 17th
      • Tuesday March 24th
      • If necessary, Tuesday March 31st
    • Absentee ballots: if you would like an absentee ballot, you need to contact THL Ciar or Lady Furia, preferably by email to, by March 24th.
    • Polling: In-person polling will take place on Tuesday, April 7th, starting at 6:30 PM.
    • Investiture: Will happen at June Faire, likely at evening Court on Saturday June 6th.

    Polling qualifications:

    You must be able to demonstrate that you are a paid member at the time of polling and that you live within the known bounds of the Baronial zip codes. Sergeants and Champions that live outside of the Barony are no longer allowed to fill out forms.

    ANYONE may send their thoughts to Their Majesties, via email to, with the subject line ‘Dragon’s Laire Baronial Polling’, they do not need to be members nor live within the Baronial zip codes.

    We will do our best to keep the Populace updated on any changes via email and Facebook and updates will also be posted to the Baronial Polling on the Dragon’s Laire website at

    Any questions may be addressed to THL Ciar ingen Fiachnae at

    In Service,

    Ciar ingen Fiachnae

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  • Baronial Polling

    By order of Their Majesties King Christian Bane & Queen Hélène d'Anjou, Their Excellencies Baron Conchobar MacEoin & Baroness Eilidh Keldeleth must begin the process of Succession. To that end the declarations of intent will begin immediately. For those intending to put their names in, letters of intent and SCA resume are due to the Crown, Ourselves, and Her Ladyship Ciar ingen Fiachnae by March 6th. The tentative date for Polling will be April 7th. The Changeover will be done at June Faire.

    We know this comes as a shock to the populace, and June Faire is not what We would have chosen, but Dragon’s Laire is made of resilient people. We hope you all pull together and make this a smooth transition.

    Specifics on dates, meet & greets, etc, will come from the Baronial Seneschal next week.

    As always, in service

    Baron Conchobar & Baroness Eilidh

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  • When good emails go bad…

    One of the most common complaints I’ve heard about our Office 365 email accounts is that emails from other SCA members are ending up in the Junk Email folder. The good news is: you can teach your email account to trust certain senders. I’ve added instructions to the Office 365 page on our web site:

  • Welcome to the new web site for Dragon’s Laire!

    This site should be considered a preview for the moment; is still our official site. However, in not too long this site will replace the old one and the old address will simply redirect to this one. With that in mind:

    Feedback please!

    If you thing something needs to be added, removed, or changed before the site goes live, please let me know! There are already a few items on my list but I’m sure there are things I’ve missed or forgotten about. Please email me at!

    Next Steps

    • Rebuild the monthly report form so it works from this site
    • Rebuild the award recommendation form so it works from this site
    • Add the meeting notes and Flames archive and protect it with a password


    Máenach na Cailled