• Yule on YouTube – call for submissions

    Master Arontius of Bygelswade heraldic device for Arontius of Bygelswade, Bardic Deputy to the A&S Minister, is looking for pieces to put together in a Dragon’s Laire Yule Gathering on YouTube, a “Concert Night” similar to what we’ve done in the past. (Link to the Dragon’s Laire YouTube channel.)

    Please consider sharing your work! All types of Bardic presentation are welcome: instrumental, songs (filk, period, SCA), recitation, stories, your best fighting anecdotes, your favorite SCA memories, acting, acrobatics, dancing demonstrations….

    You don’t have to be “professional” in any way. This is a family gathering, or a group around the campfire, entertaining ourselves and feeling the camaraderie of the occasion. This is our chance to gather and celebrate Dragon’s Laire, An Tir, the SCA, and most importantly, our Medieval Family we’ve come to know so well over the past years.

    If you can record your submission at home, please send a copy to If you would prefer to have help with recording, there will also be an online Zoom Meeting in early December (date/time TBA) where you can perform and be recorded.

    Please let Arontius know if you have any questions! You can also find more details, and ask questions, in the Dragon’s Laire populace Facebook group.

  • Tuesday Social special activities for November

    We have upcoming special activities for our Tuesday Socials (link to more details) — especially important during the Fall and Winter months, as the Populace stays inside.

    Special activities generally start at 6:30pm. Here’s what we have upcoming in November:

    Nov. 1Business Meeting / Financial Committee MeetingEveryone is welcome to attend! Hear the news, find out what is being planned for the future, etc.
    Nov. 8“Protocol In The SCA”, taught by Countess Elisabeth de RossignolLearn how to recognize the regalia, circlets, medallions and all the other accoutrement of ranking in the SCA.
    Nov. 15“SCA 101”, taught by HE Conchobar MacEoin (aka Gaius Veturius Scaevola)Advice for getting started in the SCA.
    Nov. 22Sergeantry Meeting Learn more about the Sergeantry program in Dragon’s Laire.
    Additionally, The Dragon’s Laire Instrumental Chorus may hold a practice in the kitchen area.
    Nov. 29“Kumihimo (Japanese braiding)”, taught by HL Diana CartierLearn how to make a Kumihimo keychain or bookmark. Class size is 10 people, with a cost of about $5 to cover supplies. To sign up for the class, please contact the instructor at

    Our Arts & Sciences team is looking for more classes to hold in December and January. If you have something you’d like to teach, or you have something specific you’d like to learn, let Altaliana de Segna heraldic device for Altaliana de Segna know!

  • Kingdom newsletter typo – corrected Collegium links

    We noticed a typo in the November 2022 copy of the An Tir Crier, directing people to this website for Collegium information. Unfortunately, we aren’t hosting this event — Collegium is actually hosted by the Barony of Aquaterra!

    For your convenience, here are direct links to Collegium information:
    Facebook event page (link)
    Kingdom Collegium site with class schedule (link)
    Kingdom Calendar event page (link)
    Barony of Aquaterra event listing (link)

  • Tuesday Social arts & sciences activities for October

    Your Arts & Sciences Minister and Team plan to bring more education to the Barony in Arts and Sciences, as well as what it is to live and play in the SCA. Our goal is to schedule at least two events a month for our Tuesday Socials (link), especially during the Fall and Winter months as the Populace stays inside.

    Everyone is welcome to attend!

    October 18:
    Arontius of Bygelswade heraldic device for Arontius of Bygelswade will lead a discussion of our upcoming theatrical experiences, including some Shakespearean soliloquys and poetry recitations to take the “Readers’ Theatre” experiences to the next step. We are amateurs, so don’t be daunted at the thought of reciting poetry or prose, or performing filk or period song. The aim is learning, on some level, but also the fun and camaraderie of the bardic arts. Please take a chance and come join us!

    October 25:
    We will have a special visitor, Countess Aryana Silknfyre, presenting “Fireside Tales of the SCA” starting at 6:30pm. She is a past Queen of An Tir and a several time Princess of Oertha. Those attending will learn much about the culture and traditions of the SCA by hearing personal anecdotes of Countess Aryana’s past. There will be extensive Q&A opportunities that might take the conversation into different directions. Come with your questions and your curiosity.

  • A&S Day Camp Oct 22, Thrown Weapons Championship Oct 23

    Check out the fall Arts & Sciences Day Camp information and schedule (link) for October 22nd. More classes and activities have just been announced.

    The new Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion will be chosen at the October 23rd Thrown Weapons practice. If you are interested in vying to become Thrown Weapons Champion and are a member in good standing, please feel free to join us and test your skill against other like-minded opponents. The Championship will be held between 11am — 1pm at the VFW Hall (link).