• Joining the Online Finance & Business Meeting on April 2, 2020

    We will be holding an online Finance & Business Meeting on April 2, 2020. Anyone may join using these instructions.

    1. Click on this link:
    2. Choose “Join on the Web”
    3. If you have a microphone AND/OR a camera you plan to use, click allow.
    4. On this screen:
      • You can turn off your camera and or your microphone (you can turn them back on later)
      • If you are an Officer, use the small link at the bottom middle of your browser “For a better experience sign in” to log into your official SCA account.
      • If you are not an Officer, follow the prompt in the middle of your screen to enter a name. Use a name we will recognize!
      • Click “Join Now”
    5. The Seneschal will then be prompted to admit you into the meeting.
    6. Open the chat panel by clicking on the speech bubble symbol on the control bar. This will let you type messages or questions even if you don’t use a microphone.

  • Online Finance & Business Meeting: Thursday, April 2nd

    Originally posted by Ciar ingen Fiachnae:

    Greetings Mighty Barony!

    We will be having Finance and Business Meeting on Thursday, April 2nd at 6:30.

    Please submit monthly reports as normal!

    We are probably going to use Teams for the online meeting.

    I know there are a variety of options for online meetings but Teams is free, supports well over 100 people, and only requires a website and speakers. Optionally a webcam and a microphone are a bonus but they are not required. When it hits the right time, you click on the link and join the room.

    Instructions and a link will be on the Baronial website once we confirm the range of devices.

    If, after testing, Teams is not what we thought, this post will be updated with the system we will be using.

    Ciar ingen Fiachnae

  • Polling Forms due April 14, 2020

    Originally posted by Ciar ingen Fiachnae:

    Greetings unto the Forbearing Barony of Dragon’s Laire!

    Official announcement of the change in our mail-in polling date has been made. Polling forms must be post-marked by April 14th.

    We do not, as of my writing this, have the forms or the member addresses. I will update once they have been received and when the forms go out into the mail.

    All forms are being sent with a self-addressed stamped envelope for ease of return.

    If you have any questions or concerns you can reach both Seneschal and Deputy at or you can email Lady Furia Dommitia directly at

    Ciar ingen Fiachnae

  • Cancellations extended until at least May 10, 2020

    (Copied from

    Greetings An Tir,

    It is a with a heavy heart that the Crown of An Tir and I have made the difficult decision to cancel events and activities (fighter practice, socials, meetings, etc) until May 10th in keeping with the most recent recommendation from the Center for Disease Control. I know there are many of you are thinking about May Crown which is scheduled for May 15-17; the decision about that event will be made in a few weeks when we have more information.

    The Kingdom’s financial committee is very much aware that these cancellations can have a tremendous impact on branches. Any branch in An Tir experiencing financial hardship may request assistance from the Kingdom. The local Seneschal or Exchequer should reach out to me ( or Baroness Elewyn ( to request such assistance.

    I have been extremely impressed with the way An Tir has risen to these challenges that we are facing as a community with offers of online classes, contests, and meetings. We are a strong and vibrant Kingdom and can continue to build each other up as we wait to join together again.

    In Service to the Crown and People of An Tir,

    Mistress Alianora Greymoor, OP
    Kingdom Seneschal of An Tir

  • All Events & Gatherings Canceled for March 2020

    The Crown and Seneschal of An Tir, due to concerns surrounding COVID-19 and the SARS-CoV-2 virus, have canceled all events and gatherings for the month of March. This includes our weekly Social and Fight Practice, Archery & Thrown Weapons Practice, guild meetings, and all other SCA activities.

    Below is a copy of the announcement shared by the Kingdom Seneschal earlier today, March 10. The post is also available here:

    Greetings An Tir,

    In response to the growing concerns from local health agencies for the safety of the more vulnerable members of our Kingdom and broader communities, the Crown of An Tir and I have made the difficult decision to cancel events and activities through the end of March. Event attendees come from across the Kingdom and can either carry or return with viral infections affecting their home areas. This decision was made with careful and deliberate consideration for those of the populace and the broader Pacific Northwest region who are at high risk for severe complications if they contract SARS-CoV-2.

    We recognize that cancelling events and activities will impact not just those hosting but also those eagerly planning to attend. Please know that while this decision currently affects the month of March, we will be regularly reassessing for April. We will make every effort to provide as much notice as possible to event planners and attendees.

    “Courtesy and Chivalry are often about what we do for the least of us, and the guidance we are getting from the King County and State Departments of Health to limit gatherings are to slow the spread of COVID-19 not just to our own members, who may withstand the disease with few symptoms, but to those they may come into contact with, who may grow extremely ill or perish from it. We owe a duty not just to those active in our Barony and the guest who would join us for this event, but to the wider populace around us to do the right thing.”

    – Baroness Aline of Wyewood when cancelling events earlier this month in her Barony

    In Service to the Crown and People of An Tir,

    Mistress Alianora Greymoor, OP
    Kingdom Seneschal of An Tir