• Kingdom Announcement: cancellations continue through July 2020

    Today, Mistress Alianora Greymoor, Seneschal of An tir, made an announcement regarding further event and activity cancellations. In short, the Kingdom of An Tir is extending cancellations through the end of July, 2020, which includes cancellation of July Coronation. Please see the full announcement for details, including some discussion of September Crown.

    If you have questions regarding this announcement and do not wish to contact Mistress Alieanora directly, feel free to contact the Dragon’s Laire Seneschal, Webminister, Baron, or Baroness and we will get you an answer.

    Stay safe,

    Máenach na Cailled,
    Webminister, Dragon’s Laire

  • Virtual Social links for May


    Below are the Social links for the rest of the month of May! We use Teams; please see the instructions available on the Resources page. If you encounter a problem, contact the Webminister for assistance.

    May 12:

    May 19:

    May 26:

  • New Customary draft available

    A new draft of the Baronial Customary has been posted. Please send feedback to the Seneschal! You can find both the current customary and the new draft on the Resources page here.

    Updates include:

    1. Missing punctuation
    2. Correcting titles of Champions and officer positions to match OP and Kingdom
    3. Adding officer descriptions for Equestrian, Rapier, and Siege Marshall Deputies

    Any comments, questions, or concerns should be to the Seneschal by June 1st. The Customary will be put forth for approval at the Business Meeting on June 4th.

  • Joining the Online Finance & Business Meeting on April 2, 2020

    We will be holding an online Finance & Business Meeting on April 2, 2020. Anyone may join using these instructions.

    1. Click on this link:
    2. Choose “Join on the Web”
    3. If you have a microphone AND/OR a camera you plan to use, click allow.
    4. On this screen:
      • You can turn off your camera and or your microphone (you can turn them back on later)
      • If you are an Officer, use the small link at the bottom middle of your browser “For a better experience sign in” to log into your official SCA account.
      • If you are not an Officer, follow the prompt in the middle of your screen to enter a name. Use a name we will recognize!
      • Click “Join Now”
    5. The Seneschal will then be prompted to admit you into the meeting.
    6. Open the chat panel by clicking on the speech bubble symbol on the control bar. This will let you type messages or questions even if you don’t use a microphone.

  • Online Finance & Business Meeting: Thursday, April 2nd

    Originally posted by Ciar ingen Fiachnae:

    Greetings Mighty Barony!

    We will be having Finance and Business Meeting on Thursday, April 2nd at 6:30.

    Please submit monthly reports as normal!

    We are probably going to use Teams for the online meeting.

    I know there are a variety of options for online meetings but Teams is free, supports well over 100 people, and only requires a website and speakers. Optionally a webcam and a microphone are a bonus but they are not required. When it hits the right time, you click on the link and join the room.

    Instructions and a link will be on the Baronial website once we confirm the range of devices.

    If, after testing, Teams is not what we thought, this post will be updated with the system we will be using.

    Ciar ingen Fiachnae