COVIDSafe Policy

The Kingdom of An Tir recently released an important update: An Tir COVID Policies – March 15, 2022 . Mask requirements will follow the government (state/province, county, or local) mandates in effect at the place and time of an event. Proof of vaccination, negative test results, or contact tracing will no longer be required by the SCA.

Our activities and events will always be held in-person to the greatest extent possible, following the current Washington state, Kitsap County, and SCA guidelines for COVID-19.

You can also read more about the official SCA COVIDSafe Policy on the SCA web site.


Green dragon wearing a blue face mask

Masks should be worn if required by State, Provincial, and/or local mandates at the event location at the time of the event. Washington state’s indoor and outdoor mask requirements have expired. Kitsap County has no mask requirements at present.

As always, anyone who chooses wear a mask, for personal or health reasons, is invited to do so.

If you are travelling to another location, especially British Columbia, please review their local policies.

Contact Tracing sign-in sheet

The contact tracing sign-in sheet is no longer required by the SCA, but some events might offer one as part of the gate process. Contact tracing information is currently kept for 60 days and then shred per the Kingdom Seneschal.

Any positive result of COVID at an in-person activity needs to be reported to the Kingdom Seneschal’s office as soon as possible. The name of an infected person WILL NOT be released. The dates and location of possible exposure will be.

I disagree with these policies, can I still attend?

If you decline to follow the government mandates applicable to the location of an event, you are NOT permitted to attend any official SCA activities or events in An Tir.

If you have questions or comments about these policies, they should be addressed to Prima Attia, Kingdom Seneschal, at OR the Board President at OR Society Seneschal at

Required language for any SCA-sponsored event

For any SCA-sponsored event in North America, the following language must appear on all event notices, flyers, online announcements, and advertisements, as well as being posted at all events:

“No matter what safety precautions we put in place, there is no substitute for each individual being educated about the risk to themselves and their loved ones and making responsible choices to protect themselves and others from this virus.”

from the SCA

Update – An Tir’s Guidelines for Food Service

Staff will be vigilant with respect to sanitizing and handwashing and follow all applicable guidelines regarding food prep which apply to the location where the event is held.