A new dawn has cast its glow over the lands of Dragon’s Laire.  Shining its vibrant light through the trees and over the waters.  Calling forth the people of the Barony to take up the quest.  A quest of knowledge, of service, of personal growth.  Different from what it was before, the path has overgrown, slowly being reclaimed by the earth, covering the footprints of those who walked the path in times remembered.  Today the sun shines down, casting out the shadows and illuminating the path once again for all who choose to seek it.  Become the Dream.

Sergeantry is taking on a new and exciting form.  We have created a four part adventure for everyone who chooses to dedicate themselves to the path.  Define, Learn, Live, and Become the Dream.  Each section has its own unique focus.

To Define the Dream, you will take time to learn about how the Barony, Kingdom, and Society are defined, the rules that encompass them, the landscape of the Known World, and some of the traditions that we all share in.  You will also take time to think about who your persona is, and begin to build upon your story

As you Learn the Dream you will declare who you will become as you forge your path along this adventure.  Shall you dedicate yourself as a Courtier, Gallant, Lancer, Sergeant, or Yeoman through skills and focused goals?  Each path will guide you through a focused quest, focused goals, and personal growth. 

Live the Dream is where you will expand your knowledge through side quests and gain experience to grow who you are in the SCA and who your persona is. While you will still spend time on your focused quest, we know there is more to a sergeant that the route you choose. Here you will spend time learning about all the other things you may want to know. These side quests can cover numerous topics of Arts, Sciences, Service, and Martial activities. This journey is about growing you.

Lastly, we come to Become the Dream.  This is your epic battle, your greatest mission, your most inspiring adventure.  Here you combine all that you have done before, to inspire those around you, and to expand yourself into the society at large, to Become the Dream that is the SCA.

Along the journey you will meet so many others, some who will be walking their own path beside you, others who will cross your path along the way.  While this is a quest of personal growth and development, we encourage you to support one another, and those around you, as you share the journey together.  


All those choosing to join the path of Sergeantry can do so at Candlemas 2023! We will be welcoming any new candidates in court at that time. We ask that you bring your declaration with you for display.

For any who wish to declare their intent to enter the Sergeantry we ask that you share a written letter of intent, or work of art, or you can create your declaration in video format, if possible.  This can be recorded using your computer, your phone (please use horizontal format), or any other camera you have with a record function. 

Swearing Fealty or Service

We have presented 2 options for swearing to the path of Sergeantry. Below is a brief description as to what they mean.


Swearing “Fealty” is a pledge of loyalty by an individual to their Crown, Coronet, or other individual, and is a promise of -absolute- service and faithfulness to the Crown, Coronet, or to an individual person. In turn, the Liege swears to protect and defend the individual.


When someone swears “service,” they are simply promising to do a job that is required of them. They are -not- swearing absolute loyalty, nor Liege fealty.

Sergeantry Quest Guide

Click the cover below to open and download a copy of the quest book.

Sergeantry Quest Book