Resources for Event Planners

Publicizing an Event

Information on submitting your event details to the An Tir Calendar of Events and the Crier Newsletter: FAQ for Kingdom Events.

There are separate submission forms: Crier Copy submission form and Kingdom Calendar Event Information Form (EIF). If you are a steward for an event that already shows on the Kingdom Calendar, the FAQ for Kingdom Events includes instructions on how to get permission to edit this page.

You can usually just send a copy of the information you sent to the Kingdom Calendar/Crier to the baronial Social Media officer, Caterina da Savona heraldic device for Caterina da Savona, to request a Facebook Event Page, and to to ask the Webminister’s team to prepare an event page on the Baronial website. Later, updates to your event information can be sent to the same people.

June Faire Information

Ever wonder what the people on the June Faire Board do? This document will answer those questions:

This short document describes the duties of, and how to apply for, the position of June Faire Event Steward (board chairperson).

Other Useful Forms

Reimbursement or Advance Form (pdf), also known as a “check request” or “cheque request” form. Submit this form to the Exchequer to obtain a reimbursement or advance. You will find other useful Exchequer forms at the An Tir Chancellor of the Exchequer website.

Acknowledgement of Donation & Receipt (pdf). Fill out this form to officially acknowledge and record a donation to the Barony, such as if a vendor, merchant, or individual member of the populace makes a donation.

Equestrian Waiver for Washington State (pdf). If a large event like June Faire will include equestrian activities, filling this out ahead of time can save precious seconds at Gate. (This is a copy of the official document held here.)

Help! with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or writing for WordPress

Here are some guidelines to help you get started using Zoom meetings and also for moderating Zoom meetings. We also have some suggestions for online etiquette, to help your meeting or class run more smoothly.

Using Microsoft Teams instead? Here is a helpful guide.

If you are writing for the website using WordPress, this guide will help you get started. Don’t forget that everything published to the internet also requires the appropriate Grant of Use forms.