Our Baron and Baroness:
Conchobar MacEoin & Eilidh Keldeleth

heraldic device for Conchobar MacEoin
Arms of Baron Conchobar

heraldic device for Eilidh Keldeleth
Arms of Baroness Eilidh

Regalia and Regalia Display

Baron Conchobar, Baroness Eilidh,
and son Roman
(photo © 2014 David Clough)

There are many articles of regalia that the champions and sergeants of the Barony wear or possess, and there are also items that are not generally seen, such as the seal and the scroll box. All of this regalia is part of the Barony’s rich history and should be feted. Therefore Their Excellencies would like members of the populace who maintain these objects to bring them to events and help write their histories and so on.

If anyone possesses any regalia please let Their Excellencies know about it. The Baronial populace should know who you are and what the item means to you and as a piece of our history. And of course if you are a champion or sergeant or maintain regalia Their Excellencies would ask that you be ready to process into court with your regalia worn proudly.

Their Excellencies would also like any information on these items people may have as to history and makers etc. As well it would be nice if people could contribute information as to history and makers of the Coronets, Copes and Baronial Banner and any additions thereof (the Baronial Goutte de Sang for instance).

So Cool, he’s a Meme!
Baron Conchobar at May Crown, 2016
(photo © 2016 Jacob Snow, meme © 2016 Mark Boutet