June Faire 2024

Honored Nobles, pray attend! That glorious time is once again upon us and June Faire is just upon the horizon.

Join Dragon’s Laire June 14th – 16th, 2024 at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds for a weekend of amazing A&S demonstrations, fantastic Bardic presentations, and daring marshallate activities of every flavor!

Come share your time, skills, and festivities with us!

Our June Faire Event Stewards, Ciar ingen Fiachnae heraldic device for Ciar ingen Fiachnae and Furia Dommitia heraldic device for Furia Dommitia are leading a team of dedicated volunteers to organize our biggest event of the year.

Links to other June Fair informational pages:
Kingdom of An Tir Calendar
Facebook event page for June Faire
– For the public part of the event on Saturday: Kitsap Medieval Faire on Facebook and the web

Volunteers Needed!

Many hands make light work!

It takes many volunteers to make June Faire run smoothly! We need lots of people to pitch in, for just a bit of time during the weekend.

Learn more about the (great variety of) volunteer opportunities on the sign-up sheet: https://forms.gle/ozv8NcQv7NjAJh4r5

When and Where?

Public Event: all day June 15, 2024
SCA Event Starts: June 14 at noon
SCA Event Ends: June 16 at 3pm

Location: Kitsap County Fairgrounds and Event Center
1200 Fairgrounds Rd NW Bremerton, WA 98311 (locate on Google maps)

Information for the General Public

Information about the public side of this event, the Kitsap Medieval Faire, can be found at http://www.kitsapmedievalfaire.org/.

Registration for the SCA Populace

SCA Site Fees:
Multi-day / camping: $25 US for each Adult – only $15 with paid SCA membership
Saturday ONLY: $20 for each Adult – or $10 US with paid SCA Membership
FREE for Youth (17 and under)

For additional information on memberships, please visit SCA membership services (https://www.sca.org/member-services/).

Pre-registration for the SCA populace CLOSED May 27th at 11:59pm.
For questions about event pre-registration: jf_prereg@dragonslaire.org

Pre-registration is not required, but it does speed up your entry into the event! Pre-registration fees can be paid by PayPal, check, or money order, and must be paid by March 30 at 11:59pm. You are not pre-registered until your funds are received. For those who do not pre-register, payment at the entry gate can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

Camping for the SCA Populace

Tent/pavilion and RV camping space will be available, in separate areas. Camping is included in the weekend fee.

Camping pre-registration (“land grab”) is highly recommended if you want to camp with a specific group and to guarantee space. But you are not required to pre-register in order to reserve space. Please email us to CANCEL any landgrab.

Camping (tent/pavilion) pre-registration: https://forms.gle/kT6LmRHLXuX7gZgy9
OR for camping in the Dragon’s Laire group encampment: https://forms.gle/mR9zyuqc28NwCNhU9
For questions about camping: jf_camping@dragonslaire.org

RV pre-registration: https://forms.gle/PcUsokthgn9BpmrN6
For questions about RV: jf_RVcamping@dragonslaire.org

What can we expect? – Friday

The site opens to the SCA populace in the afternoon. This is the time to set up your demo spaces, pavilions, day shades, and encampments. Merchants may open early for shopping. Informal evening gatherings around camp.

What can we expect? – Saturday

The biggest public demo! Opening court and procession will be followed by tourneys, war scenarios, and demos. There’ll be some of everything — see the details below! SCAdians come from all around to compete, perform, and share their art. (Sadly, we will not have an equestrian demo this year.) Merchants will also be open. At the end of the day, the demo will end and we will have evening court. Everyone will break for dinner in their own encampments. Afterward, there may be social gatherings, bardic circles around the fire, who knows?

Baronial Court

Morning court will kick off the festivities for the public demo.

Combat Demos and Tournaments

War Field Scenarios!

Various WAR Scenarios! Including missile and Siege, both directions (depending upon Marshal availability).
8AM — 9 AM: armor drop available
8AM — 9:45AM: armor inspections

Procession into the Fields / Arena

9:45AM — line up for the procession in 3 groups
*Target Archery and Thrown Weapons
*Rapier & Cut and Thrust and YAC
*Armored Combat (Heavy, Missile, Siege)
*Meet at the fairgrounds – Location TBD
*Either between Camps and the Barns
*Down the road between the Barns and Vanzee
*Along the North Side of the Kitsap Pavilion

10AM — procession to Thunderbird Arena. March towards the Gate, and split off just before the road. Target, Rapier, and YAC will split off and return to continue to their fields. Armored Combat will continue across the road and into the Arena.

Armored (Heavy) Combat Tournaments

Details to come – we’re expecting prize tournaments — both period kit & fun tournaments.

Armored Combat Championship for the Barony of Dragon’s Laire

This will be a gladiatorial bear pit “hold the field” styled tournament. Participants will draw a weapon style from a card before entering the list. The weapon styles will be based on historical gladiator weapons styles within the permitted SCA weapons conventions. Every time a participant dies, they will be required to pick a new card and re-enter with their new weapon. In the list field at 6 and 12 there will be a fighter attached to a post by a rope — these are going to represent lions, and they will be armed with two swords. So there will be three opponents in the list at one time. You can choose to ignore the lions or fight the lions, but only your actual opponent counts for points. The two fighters with the highest points will go on to the interview with their excellencies.

Rapier / Cut & Thrust: Tournaments and Demos

We will host several activities throughout the day:

  • Dragonclaw Tournament
  • Open field
  • Melee scenarios
  • Cut & Thrust
  • Youth Rapier practice!

Target Archery Shoots

  • Royal Rounds
  • Inter-kingdom archery competition (IKAK)
  • Inter-kingdom combat archery competition (IKCAK) – based on interest
  • Society seasonal archery challenge (SSAC)

Target Siege Weapons

The range will be open from after morning court to the beginning of evening court on Saturday. There will be one range set up for royal rounds. Any SCA member who has entered through Gate and is tall enough to safely use the siege engine may enter a score. There may be a second engine running as a demo for the public on a parallel target.

  • Target Siege – get your scores in!
  • Prize Tournament – Aggregate score for 3 activities (details to come)

Thrown Weapons

Get your scores in!

  • Novelty Throw: Save the Dragon! (axe)
  • Novelty Throw: Shoot the Apple (spear)
  • Novelty Throw: To come (knife)

Chatelaine’s Booth (Newcomers Welcome!)

This is a welcome and informational point for newcomers and members of the public who are interested in learning more about the SCA. Our Chatelaine, Halldora Bjorn heraldic device for Halldora Bjorn is looking for people who will spend time at this welcome booth.

The founders of the Pride Garb Challenge want to see it grow and have encouraged the populace at large. The organizers of the garb display at June Faire have decided to showcase Pride garb this year and are requesting items to display along with dress forms. If you would like to display your Pride garb at June Faire, please contact HL Jessie Gateman, and she will put you in touch with the people running it.

This is just the first part of our summer of Dragon’s Laire Newcomers’ welcome activities! After June Faire, join us on Tuesday, June 18th, for our Annual Newcomers’ Night. Then we’ll have a series of newcomer-friendly classes at our Tuesday night socials in July–August.

SCA members are invited to give a demo at Newcomer’s Night, teach a class at Social, and bring your SCA-related items to sell (or give away) at the swap meet.

Fabulous Four Largesse Derby

What is largesse? These are items handmade by people in the SCA, gifted to the Coronets or Crown for them, in turn, to give as gifts during court. More about largesse in general (link) and about the rules for this Derby in particular (link).

For the Fabulous Four derby, all entrants should create 4 (or more) items. Drop them off on Friday, and judging will take place throughout the day on Saturday by blind ballot. The person with the most votes will be announced in Evening Court on Saturday. The winner gets loot! and the Largess will be given to the Baron and Baroness for use by Them and the next Coronets.

Arts & Sciences Demos

Culinary Guild demo

Look for the cookfires and come chat with Dragon’s Laire’s culinary guild as they demonstrate medieval recipes.

Artisans’ village

Come meet the Artisans and Craftspeople of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Our A&S Minister, Master Arontius of Bygelswade heraldic device for Arontius of Bygelswade, has been hard at work coordinating the Artisans’ Village for this year’s June Faire.

The Artisans’ Village will be both indoor and outdoor, so make sure you see them all!

  • Italian Renaissance cultural display
  • Norse cultural display
  • Roman cultural display
  • Cheesemaking
  • Culinary guild – open-fire cooking (outside)
  • Historical clothing display
  • Sheep-to-shawl demonstrations
  • Fiber dyeing display
  • Wool spinning into yarn
  • Weaving narrow bands and whole cloth
  • Needlework
  • Nalbinding
  • Renaissance-era lacemaking
  • Sable Costumer competition
  • Medieval games
  • Illumination & calligraphy (scribal)
  • Leatherworking
  • Metalworking (small items & jewelry)
  • Moneyer’s guild
  • Pottery-making demonstrations (outside)
  • Woodworking
  • Spoon carving
  • Historical wood lathe demonstration

Bardic Stage Performances

Many thanks to our coordinators, Mistress Elisabeth Piper and Mistress Elanor of Eccleshall, for this delightful line-up!

11:00AM – Dame Elisabeth Piper – Harp
11:30AM – Singalong – Rounds
NOON – The Honourable Andromacha of Lesbos – Stories from Greek Mythology
12:30PM – Armiger Erik MacLost – Songs and Storytelling
1:00PM – Singalong – Rounds
1:30PM – Dame Elanor of Eccleshall and Dame Elisabeth Piper – Medieval Instrumental Music
2:00PM – l’Falsari Commedia dell’arte – Play
3:30PM – Dame Elisabeth Piper and Armiger Aeffe Michaelsdottor – Recorder Duets

After hours on Saturday, Dragon’s Laire will host an informal bardic fire for SCAdians.

Youth & Family Activities

Planning is in the works, and it looks exciting. More information to come.

Food Trucks & Merchants

Typical open hours:
Friday – after set-up, until dusk
Saturday – 9:00 AM — 5:00 PM
Sunday – before noon (then break-down begins!)

Food vendors

General goods

What can we expect? – Sunday

The day starts with championship tournaments for the Barony of Dragon’s Laire (rapier, archery, and thrown weapons). Merchants may still be open, and perhaps siege weapon demos. Everything winds up around noon, with a final court to crown our new Champions. There’s a lot to pack up, and then everyone goes home.

Archery Championship for the Barony of Dragon’s Laire

The Archery Championship will consist of a number of SSAC shoots with a twist. Each twist is to be announced at the time of the shoot. The top 2 (or 3, Baroness &Baron’s choice) will continue to the Q&A portion.

Rapier Championship

Rapier will be a double round robin (If more than 6 participants, format will change to single round robin.) Finals will bring the top 2 fighters, for the best 3 of 5.

London Masters-(Bring all your weapons and off hands)
Double kills – both count as loss
+2 points for win
0 points for loss
+1 point per each style of offhand

Styles of offhand are as follows:

  • Case
  • 2-hand sword
  • Sword and dagger
  • Sword and shield
  • Sword and Baton/cane
  • Sword and cloak
  • Sword and soft other (stuffed animal, rubber chicken, pool noodle… Etc.)
  • Sword and hard other (Ladle, odd decoration… Etc.)

Thrown Weapons Championship

Standard Royal with 5 throws of each weapon using your off hand.
TW Twister (pull a color, hit that, etc..).

Accessibility Information


There are two sets of public bathrooms with accessible stalls. One on the main event level on the east side between the barns and youth activities, and the second at the base of the path to Boand arena on the north side.

Accessible port-a-potties and hand-washing stations are throughout the site.

Golf Carts

Golf carts with mapped stops and some sort of seating will be distributed without the site and those who need to be delivered to an on-site location rather than a stop will be able to do so.

Mobility access

The main event site paths are paved but there are three slopes around the site.

The first, is a relatively short hill between the camping and the main level of the site; this is not paved, although it is generally well-packed.

The second is to the Boand arena; there is a paved path from the upper level down, and it is slightly steep.

The third is a relatively steep hill leading to the Gate for moderns and the Pavilion parking. There is a paved path with a gentle slope from the food-truck square down to the parking.

Quiet Space

The ‘Chillvillion’ will be available for a quiet space with fidgets and seating. Signage pointing to it will be throughout the event, and it will be located on the site map.


Designated parking will be available in both Gordon Field Parking (SCA Camping and daytrip until full) as well as the Pavillion Parking Lot (SCA and Modern attendees)

Service Animals

Service animals are allowed in all public spaces, including the President’s Hall.


Pets are allowed on the grounds but NOT in the President’s Hall. They must be appropriately leashed at all times, and you are responsible for picking up their poop. Poop bag and trash can stations are scattered throughout the grounds.

Contact Info

For additional questions, please reach out to our EDIB Officer, HL Jessy Gateman.

COVID-19 Policy

“No matter what safety precautions we put in place, there is no substitute for each individual being educated about the risk to themselves and their loved ones and making responsible choices to protect themselves and others from this virus.” – from the SCA

For clarification regarding the COVID policies, please our COVIDSafe Policy.