The Grete Boke of Dragon’s Laire

The members of the 2016 Dragon’s Laire Customary Committee discussed and agreed that, while a physical representation of our history is amazing, a virtual one would also be beneficial in allowing greater access to both local Populace members and those visiting and working in far off lands as well as curious strangers.

This will be a living document, growing and changing as needed. There are many ways to contribute! The Barony is seeking our history – maps, historical data/timelines, stories, newspaper articles, and photos from events and also of items.


Dragon’s Laire Begins

Becoming a Shire

The Barony had the honor of being the first branch created after the Principality of An Tir was elevated to a Kingdom, during the first Twelfth Night XVI (1982).

Founding of a Barony

The Shire of Dragon’s Laire was elevated to Baronial status at June Faire AS XXX (1995).

James and Maria, Founding Baron and Baroness – June 3 AS XXX (1995) through September 30 AS XXXI (1996).

Maria, First Baroness – September 30 AS XXXI (1996) through March 10 AS XXXII (1998).

Artimis and Laurellen, Viceroys for the Crown – March 10 AS XXXII (1998) through July 17 AS XXXI (1999)

Jacques and Siobhan, Second Baron and Baroness – July 17 AS XXXIV (1999) through May 17 AS XXXV (2000)

Laurellen, Viceroy for the Crown – May 17, AS XXXV (1999) through September 2 AS XXXV (1999)

Hrollaug and Murakami, Third Baron and Baroness – September 2 AS XXXV (2000) through January 14, ASXL (2006)

The Barony of Dragon’s Laire receives the Throne’s Favor of An Tir at July Coronation AS XLI (July 15, 2006) from Their Majesties Sven Fallgr Gunnarsson and Signy Oksendahl

Cedric and Brighid, Fourth Baron and Baroness – January 14 ASXL (2006) through November 13 AS XLV (2010)

The Barony of Dragon’s Laire receives a Goutte de Sang at Twelfth Night XLI (Jaunary 13, 2007) from Their Majesties Amalric Blackheart and Caia Snowden. This is the first time a grant level award has been given to a group.

Arontius and Laurellen, Fifth Baron and Baroness – November 13 AS XLV (2010) through August 30 AS XLIX (2014)

The Mano Minos

According to an email from the Baron Arontius, originally sent to the Dragon’s Laire Webminister on March 24, 2012, the Mano Minos, or ‘Small Hand’, was created to recognize individuals, “who provided significant and sustained support over a long period of time to the Arts and Sciences in the Barony.” Awarded for the first time at Last Chance, 2011, to three noteworthy individuals: THL Mateusz Z Plocka, THL Rycheza Z Ploska, and THL Kassandra of Dragon’s Laire.

The Barony of Dragon’s Laire receives a Bountiful Hand at Twelfth Night AS XLVI (January 7, 2012) from Their Majesties Ieuan and Gwyneth Gower.

Conchobar and Eilidh, Sixth Baron and Baroness – September 1 AS XLIX (2014) through September 1 AS LV (2020)

The Barony receives its second Bountiful Hand during July Coronation AS LI (July 2, 2016) from Their Majesties Eirik and Drifinna.

Kloe and Arion, Seventh Baroness and Baron – September 1 AS LV (2020) to Present Day