Misty Ridge Beltane

April 26th to 28th, 2024

Please join the incipient Canton of Misty Ridge for our inaugural SCA event to celebrate Beltane, on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. Celebrate summer and meet new friends! We are planning a fun-filled day on Saturday, April 27th for the whole family.

We are also having a competition for the Lord and Lady of Beltane. For every activity or volunteer effort that you join, you will be awarded a Viking bead to add to your site favor necklace. At 3:30PM, we will begin counting and the Lord and Lady of Beltane will be awarded at court. The Viking beads are site favors, your mementos for joining us at our inaugural event.

New to the SCA? We have an article for you — the Newcomer’s Guide to Your First Event talks about what to expect, what to wear and to bring (for a day trip or a camping weekend), and more about minors (under 18).

Interested in volunteering or sponsoring an activity? Reach out to the event steward, Veleda Ingen Kee, at Jenifer.L100@hotmail.com

You can also find this event on Facebook (link) and the An Tir Kingdom calendar (link).

Location and Time

Where: Sequim Prairie Grange, 290 Macleay Rd, Sequim, WA 98382 (Google map link)
Event Time: April 27, 8AM — late evening
Camping available: opens April 26 at 4:30PM — off site by NOON on April 28
Cost: There is no site fee, but a $10 donation is suggested. Camping is $10/night (see details, below).


Heavy weapons and rapier tournaments

Want to fight in the tournament? brand new to the SCA? Here is some advice for you.

Please do your best to get authorized before the event — this means you have demonstrated that you know how to throw blows, receive blows, and understand the basic SCA fighting rules. You can do this at baronial practices (link to the Barony of Dragon’s Laire’s practice schedule) and most events. You need to be a member of the SCA in order to get a fighter card. Learn more about SCA membership.

Rapier 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Details… to be determined by attendance

Heavy Weapons: 11:30 AM until court

The fighting will be a round robin format. It will be a best two out of three or single elimination depending how many fighters sign up. Semi-finals will be the top four best two out of three. Finals will be the two winners of the semi-finals, best three out of five.

Novelty archery shoots!

An Tir does not require archers to be authorized but you should be fairly familiar with the rules and procedures in the An Tir Book of Target (link to the An Tir library).

There will be three novelty shoots.  Each shoot will last one hour and thirty minutes.  You will be able to submit more than one score for each shoot.  Only your highest score will be used for that shoot.  The winner will be the archers with the highest score.  In case of a tie, an average of your top two scores will be used, going to three or more if necessary.  There will also be an overall winner who has the highest combined score for all three shoots.  Ties will be handled in the same way as for the individual shoots.

Arts and sciences & bardic activities

We will have an Arts display pavilion. Bring your art to display. Working on something portable? Bring that too!

The Dragon’s Laire Cooking Guild will be demonstrating period cooking in the fireplace in the afternoon.

We are having an evening Bardic circle after the potluck.

Quiet hours begin at 10 PM.

Family games & activities

We will have a Maypole starting at 10:30 AM, and play Find a Peer all day—introduce yourself and get a bead.

We will be hosting Hunker Hawser, a tippee tug of war, and a Rain-Gutter Regatta. Color a boat, come and race your boat, and become Captain of the Port for the year.

Saturday evening potluck

The Barony will provide meats, and we will have a no-fee, buffet style, potluck dinner on Saturday after court. Those planning to join us, please bring enough to feed 6-8 people as follows:
– first name starts with A-D: bread
– E-K: side dish
– L-S: veggie/ salad
– T-Z: dessert

Please have an ingredients list on your potluck dishes. We have limited heating and cooling capabilities in an outdoor kitchen. This event is BYOB for drinks, water, and dish washing. There are no facilities for washing dishes, and no outdoor water spigots. Please plan to bring plastic bags to take dirty dishes home.

The site has tables and chairs for our use. If you would like a tablecloth, please bring one.

The site permits propane fireplaces (no open woodfires) and is discreetly wet.

And don’t forget to bring your personal “feast kit” (a cup, bowl, plate, and eating utensils)!


Camping is $10/night per sleeping unit (tent, RV, etc.) for up to 4 people. For camping fees, please bring cash or checks payable to the Sequim Prairie Grange #1108 at the site.

To ensure we have a camping spot for you, please Pre-Register for space (link to pre-registration form).

  • Camping is dry with no hookups for RVs. We will have an area for RVs with reserved space. There are no outdoor hose spigots.
  • Please plan to bring your own drinking water and pack your trash out.
  • The site has two indoor restrooms in an outdoor kitchen.
  • The site is discreetly wet (no obvious alcoholic containers or consumption).
  • No open flame wood-fires are allowed at the site. Propane campfires are permitted with adequate space and a fire extinguisher within reach.
  • Quiet time begins a 10 PM. There are homes adjacent to the site.
  • Under control, leashed dogs are welcome at the site–outdoors only. Please plan to pick up after your pets. Failure to control properly dispose of pet waste and maintain leashed control of your pets may result in being asked to leave the site.

Contact Us

Event Steward: Veleda Ingen Kee, Jenifer.L100@hotmail.com
Website: webfolks@dragonslaire.org