Harvest Feast

Save the date! October 19, 2024

Come join Dragon’s Laire on October 19, 2024, for a day of feasting, A&S activities, games, and more! Our baronial Arts & Sciences and Bardic championships are the highlight of the day. We also typically have medieval board games, youth/family activities, demos, and possibly some classes. Watch the evening Court and congratulate our new Champions! Finally, enjoy a delicious feast in the evening.

Our event Steward is Arontius of Bygelswade and our Feast coordinator is Thea of Midvale.

Kingdom event calendar link: https://antir.org/events/harvest-feast-50/
Facebook event link: PENDING

Where? When?

When: October 19, 2024. Exact times TBA (to be announced).

Where: Marcus Whitman Middle School, 1887 Madrona Dr SE, Port Orchard, WA 98366 (link to Google map)

Cost & Pre-Registration

Site fee: TBA. Youth are always free in Dragon’s Laire!
Feast fee: TBA

Most of our feast events require pre-registration for the meal, so that the event team knows how much food to prepare — and has some money to pay for ingredients! Pre-registration usually opens about 2 months before the event.

Arts & Sciences and Bardic Championships

Harvest Feast features the Barony’s annual competition for our Arts & Sciences Champion and Bardic Champion. We invite everyone who comes to Harvest Feast to watch and provide feedback! Come and cheer for your favorites!

This is the information from 2023, provided here as an example for future competitors.

If you are interested in competing and want to review the guidelines — follow this link for all the details.

Arts & Sciences Championship

Arts & Sciences competitors will present/display their work and hold a public Q&A session.

Here is a video recording of last year’s competition, taken by Jacques Luis de Normandie heraldic device for Jacques Luis de Normandie: https://youtu.be/nf2q65OZizI?si=Nj38ugsuUatKfJtZ

Bardic Competitors

Bardic competitors will hold a live performance, with a brief introduction to their selection, followed by a brief Q&A session.

Here is a video recording of last year’s competition, taken by Jacques Luis de Normandie heraldic device for Jacques Luis de Normandie: https://youtu.be/5HnD7DnZxLo?si=9VuDGfQFwMEhsr9P


The menu and theme will be available later.

Feast hall setup at Son of Candlemas in 2022 – Photo by Gwen the Potter

New to the SCA? A little bit about what to expect…

You can check in and pay your daily fee at any time the entry Gate is open. Once you’ve checked in at Gate, you will get a site token to pin on your clothing, and you can come and go for the day. People will arrive at different times throughout the day, depending upon their interests and schedule.

An example of a feast kit with extras
Example of a feast kit with extras

For a feast event like this, you should try to come in “garb” (an attempt at pre-1650 clothing) and also bring a “feast kit”. You can borrow garb from the Gold Key deputy of the Chatelaine’s office — click the link to email the Chatelaine, Halldora Bjorn heraldic device for Halldora Bjorn. A feast kit is simply a cup, a plate, a bowl, a napkin, and eating utensils. Feel free to bring more things if you want to dress up your place at the table, but those are the essentials!

Dinner is provided if you pre-registered for the feast, but lunch is on your own. Many people bring a picnic lunch. If you didn’t pre-register for the feast, you can still come, just pack a dinner too. Table space will be available for you to set up your “off board” dinner.

Finally, this event has a fight practice — everybody can watch, and bring your fighting equipment if you want to participate — and Arts & Sciences and Bardic activities. Watch, or bring a craft and participate! Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, let people know you’re new, and ask questions.

COVID-19 Precautions

No matter what safety precautions we put in place, there is no substitute for each individual being educated about the risk to themselves and their loved ones and making responsible choices to protect themselves and others from this virus.

From the Society

Updated COVID-19 rules can be found under the COVIDSafe Policy page — but, in short, at present, there are no particular requirements in our county or state.