Champions and Scholars


Many strive to become champion, few achieve that goal. To become a champion, one must face a gauntlet of highly skilled competitors in a Tourney or Competition. Those who become champion must also serve the Barony, teaching their skills and encouraging their arts in fighting, arts and sciences, and more.

Our championship tournaments for the combat arts are held at June Faire. The Arts & Sciences and Bardic championship competitions are typically held at Candlemas, although in 2022 we will reschedule these for Harvest Feast (for more information, please see this page).

Armored Combat (‘Heavy’)

Current Champion:
Kettil Cedricson heraldic device for Kettil Cedricson

Past Champions:

Ajax of the Myrmidons heraldic device for Ajax of the Myrmidons6/23
Ermenrich Guotmann heraldic device for Ermenrich Guotmann6/22
Martin de Kent heraldic device for Martin de Kent6/19
Andras Truemark heraldic device for Andras Truemark6/18
Posiedonious heraldic device for Posiedonious9/17
Centurion Decimus Marius Gavinus9/16
THL Ermenrich Goutmann9/15
Lord Neoptolemus of the Myrmidons8/14
THL Idomeneus of the Myrmidons8/13
THL Idomeneus of the Myrmidons9/12
THL Richard Dragun9/11
Sir Fiach Ulfredsson9/10
Master Andras Truemark9/09
Master Leith9/08
John Wolfstan9/07
Khristopher of Duramen6/06
Kjartan Dreki6/05
Skeggi Nyewcombe6/04
Martin Le Harpur6/03
Skapti Thorinsson6/02
Kheron Azoz6/01
Kheron Azoz6/00
Aidan Carlysle6/99
Timothy ap Caradoc6/98
Hwolf Einarsson6/97
Kurgen the Clumsy6/96
Kurgen the Clumsy6/95
Thorin Njalsson6/94
Skeggi Nyewcombe6/92

Arts and Sciences

Current Champion:
Alys Graye heraldic device for Alys Graye

Past Champions:

Gaius Veturius Scaevola heraldic device for Gaius Veturius Scaevola10/22
Sigridr Vilhjalmsdottir heraldic device for Sigridr Vilhjalmsdottir2/21
Arqai Ne'urin heraldic device for Arqai Ne'urin2/20
Madrun y Gwehyddes heraldic device for Madrun y Gwehyddes2/19
Dunstan M'Lolane heraldic device for Dunstan M'Lolane2/18
Thangbrandr Sløngvandbaugi heraldic device for Thangbrandr Sløngvandbaugi2/17
Dame Gwen the Potter2/16
Marquessa Laurellen de Brandevin2/15
Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes2/14
THL Aelianora de Wyntringham2/13
THL Mateuz z Plocka2/12
THL Pernell Camber2/11
Dame Gwenllyen the Potter2/10
Madrun y Gwehyddes2/09
Lady Redbow2/08
THL Pernell Camber2/07
Lady Aelianora de Wintringham2/06
Signora Altaliana de Segna2/05
THL Brighid Ross2/04
H. E. Siobhan ni Mathghamhna12/02
Marquessa Laurellen De Brandevin, OL12/01
THL Gwenllyen Potter12/00
Lady Mariette Devienne12/99
THL Siobhan Ruadh Ni Mhathghamhna12/98
THL Mateusz z Plocka12/96
THL Inga Calle12/95
THL Rycheza z Polska12/94


Current Champion:
Thomas of Salisbury heraldic device for Thomas of Salisbury

Previous Champions:

Stephen the Sinister heraldic device for Stephen the Sinister6/23
Alaricus Simmonds heraldic device for Alaricus Simmonds6/22
Patrick the Fool heraldic device for Patrick the Fool9/18
Artunis heraldic device for Artunis9/17
THL Kloe of Thira9/16
Sir Andras Truemark9/15
THL Brian of Cardiff9/14
THL Tristan de Ver9/13
Arcos Thorfinn Kolsson9/12
THL Alaricus Simmonds9/11
THL Alaricus Simmonds9/10
Master Andras Truemark9/08
THL Alaricus Simmonds9/07
THL Alis inghean Ruaidhri10/06
Lord Ronan MacCormick8/04
THL Bjorn Kolbjornsson10/03
THL Andras Truemark10/02
THL Alaricus Simmonds10/01
THL Loegaire (Loric) mac Lochlainn10/99
THL Alaricus Simmonds10/98
THL Red Angus of Soundstream10/97
Lord Alexander Gyory10/96
THL Carleton of Oak10/95
THL Bjorn Kolbjornsson10/94


Current Champion:
Emil Camus heraldic device for Emil Camus

Previous Champions:

Boreaus Luchase heraldic device for Boreaus Luchase6/23
Katryne Mackim heraldic device for Katryne Mackim6/22
Jacques Luis de Normandie heraldic device for Jacques Luis de Normandie6/19
Felix Fitz Pierce of Dover heraldic device for Felix Fitz Pierce of Dover9/18
Ambrose of Dragon's Laire heraldic device for Ambrose of Dragon's Laire9/17
Gareth Hir9/16
Don Christopher Stanley9/15
Master Sebastien de Caen9/14
Lord Ambrose9/13
Don Christopher Stanley9/12
THL Caius Foxcotte9/11
Monsigneur Talentus del Albero9/10
Carlos Luis Lancero9/09
Cadet Talentus del Albero9/08
Msgr Sebastien de Caan9/07
Durant Ramberti Caiaphas6/06
Mikhail Grigorev syn Verdereuskii6/05
Don Rodrigo de Navarre6/04
Richard Thomas2/03
Cadet Gawyn de Barclay2/02
Squire Morrigan Graham2/01
Cadet Gawyn de Barclay2/00
THL Jacques Louis de Normandie2/99
Sgt. Aonghas Munro2/98
THL Jacques Louis de Normandie2/97
Sgt. Aonghas Munro2/96
Don Miguel Roberto DelGado de Corca2/95
Lady Anya de Chaalis2/94

Thrown Weapons

Current Champion:
Robert the Tailor heraldic device for Robert the Tailor

Previous Champions:

Telemon of Crete heraldic device for Telemon of Crete6/23
Kösem of House Awry heraldic device for Kösem of House Awry6/19
Cedric Wlfraven heraldic device for Cedric Wlfraven9/18
Kösem of House Awry heraldic device for Kösem of House Awry9/17
THL Stephen of House Awry9/16
THL Conrad Ross9/15
Lord Cyric Longfellow9/14
THL Klaufi Hafrssonn9/13
Lord Stephen of House Awry9/12
Rodrek Eirikson9/11
Conall of Druim Doinnean10/10
Arcos Arion the Wanderer10/09
Conall of Druim Doinnean9/08
THL Cyric Longfellow10/07
THL Arion the Wanderer6/06
Mikael Drakelaw10/05
H.E. Cedric Wulfraven8/04
Lord Klaufi Hafrssonn10/03
Arion the Wanderer10/02
THL Cedric Wulfraven10/01
Lord Phydeaux of Aquaterra10/00


Current Champion:
Rapheal the Rogue heraldic device for Rapheal the Rogue

Previous Champions:

Ivan Leskov heraldic device for Ivan Leskov9/15
Arnora of Stromgard9/10
Countess Miranda9/09
Countess Miranda9/08
David of Dragon’s Laire9/07
Agelos of Evienence10/06
THL Donwenna La Marshall6/05
Agelos of Evienence7/02
Agelos of Evienence10/00
THL Red Angus of Soundstream10/99
Lady Aulaura of Soundstream10/98
Mustapha bin Habib10/97
Lord Philip Longfellow96


Current Champion:
Erik MacLost heraldic device for Erik MacLost

Previous Champions:

Halldora Bjorn heraldic device for Halldora Bjorn10/22
Máire nic Shiobhán heraldic device for Máire nic Shiobhán2/21
Arion the Wanderer heraldic device for Arion the Wanderer2/20
Pádraig mac Ailpein heraldic device for Pádraig mac Ailpein2/18
Arion the Wanderer heraldic device for Arion the Wanderer2/17
THL Ermanrich “Morgan” Goutmann2/16
THL Ermanrich “Morgan” Goutmann2/15
Dame Brigid Ross2/14
THL Andromacha of Lesbos2/13
Signora Altaliana de Segna2/12
THL Jahnkin de Leeuw12/11
THL Ismenia Wystan12/09
Lady Ismenia12/08
Abbot Sion Dafydd12/07
Master Arontius of Bygelswade12/06
Signora Altaliana de Segna12/05
THL Antonia de Galicia12/04

Youth Armored Combat

Current Champion:
(unknown person) heraldic device for (unknown person)

Previous Champions:

Farcus heraldic device for Farcus6/19
Christian of Duramen heraldic device for Christian of Duramen9/15
Catalina of House Lyra Tor9/14
Dunkin of Doenuts10/06
Dunkin of Doenuts10/05
Dunkin of Doenuts8/04