Forms & Resources for the Populace

Here you will find common forms used within the SCA.

Recommend Someone for an Award

The award recommendation form is available here.

Forms for Minors Attending SCA events

Any minor attending an SCA event must bring a consent form to gate. This form must be signed by the minor’s legal guardian, such as a parent. For only one minor, use the “Minor Consent” form. If the same guardian signs for multiple minors, it may be more convenient to use the “Multiple Minor Waiver” instead. These forms are available here:

Any minor attending an SCA event accompanied by an adult other than their legal guardian must also bring three signed copies of the appropriate medical authorization form. Each such minor must also bring one copy of a photo ID for the minor’s legal guardian, and that ID must include the guardian’s signature. Please read the form for details.

Forms for Reimbursements, Donations, and Grant of Use

Reimbursement or Advance Form (pdf), also known as a “check request” or “cheque request” form. Submit this form to the Exchequer to obtain a reimbursement or advance. You will find other useful Exchequer forms at the An Tir Chancellor of the Exchequer website.

Acknowledgement of Donation & Receipt (pdf). Fill out this form to officially acknowledge and record a donation to the Barony, such as if a vendor, merchant, or individual member of the populace makes a donation.

Grant of Use Forms (link). Fill out these forms to allow the SCA to use your article, photographs, or image on the internet or in print media.

Help! with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or writing for WordPress

Here are some guidelines to help you get started using Zoom meetings and also for moderating Zoom meetings. We also have some suggestions for online etiquette, to help your meeting or class run more smoothly.

Using Microsoft Teams instead? Here is a helpful guide.

If you are writing for the website using WordPress, this guide will help you get started. Don’t forget that everything published to the internet also requires the appropriate Grant of Use forms.

The Baronial Library

The Barony has a nice library, faithfully kept by the wonderful Baronial Librarian, LIBRARIAN, of many, many books. Contact the Librarian to see some of the books we have!

Baronial Email Lists and Social Media Sites

Main Baronial List

The main Baronial email list lives once more! If you would like to join or leave the email list, or adjust any settings (such as how often you receive emails), please visit this link:

Facebook Resources

In addition to the official Facebook pages and groups linked below, there are many unofficial pages dedicated to various SCA arts, sciences, combat groups, and service opportunities.

For those on Facebook, a new resource has been set up. These pages, called Ask the Laurels, Ask the Pelicans, and Ask the Chivalry, are great sources of information. They are open to everyone!

  • Laurels: “This group was created with the intent of non-laurels having an open forum to ask members of the Order of the Laurels questions on becoming a Laurel, and to dispel myths about them, and receive responses from Laurels throughout the Society.”
  • Pelicans: “Are there questions you’d like to ask members of the Order of the Pelican? Do it here, online! You won’t know what kind of response you’re going to get from the flock until you post it here!”
  • Knights: “This Facebook is meant to act as an open forum for questions to the SCA Order of the Chivalry. From armour to protocol, beginner to advanced, any and all questions will be vetted by members of the SCA Order of the Chivalry.”

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