Arts & Sciences Day Camp

Come join your fellow artisans for an informal day of classes and camaraderie at the Dragon’s Laire Arts & Sciences Day Camp. Bring your projects and have some fun. No SCA garb required. Just wear street clothes.

The Arts & Sciences Day Camp is held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

October 22, 2022

Mark your calendars! The Dragon’s Laire Fall, 2022, Arts and Sciences Day Camp will be on October 22, 2022! This is a day to gather and share our love of all things that practice and showcase the skills, and reproduces the beauty of, the Middle Ages!

If you are curious about some form of art or science, there will most likely be an artisan with experience present who would love to share their knowledge with you. If you want to find like-minded artisans and craftspeople to share tips and tricks of your various art-forms, this is the place to be!

We generally draw people from all over the Puget Sound region to ‘geek out’ with their favorite activities. Dragon’s Laire is extremely privileged to have some amazingly talented artists and craftspeople within its borders!

Location & Time

Time: 9am — 5pm
Location: VFW Post 4992, 9981 Central Valley Rd NE, Bremerton, WA 98311 (the same location as our weekly social and fighters’ practices)
Cost: by donation

This is an informal activity — no garb is required. Just come as you are!

We will have a small coffee (tea) assortment assembled, but are encouraging all to add to the snack table in pot-luck fashion. Also, Silverdale is a ten-minute drive away, with plenty of restaurants for lunch.

Day Camp Overview

Bring your sewing projects! Bring your scribal work! Bring your heraldry questions! Everybody is encouraged to bring a project they are working on, for informal sharing.

We will have a kitchen, for those who might like to try some culinary activities.

If the weather is even half-decent, we would encourage martiallate activities.

NOTE: At times, the Hall may become a little crowded. So we ask that people be mindful of the volume of their conversations. Also, if your learning style is dependent on a calm, quiet environment, you should make some extra preparation for noise and distractions.

Let us know if you would like to schedule something, or have any questions!
dl_officer office=”ArtNSci”] & Arontius of Bygelswade heraldic device for Arontius of Bygelswade.

Scheduled Activities for the Fall A&S Day Camp

ActivityTimePresented byDetails
Class: Plain Weave for Beginners10am–noon OR
1pm — 3pm
Domina Alys GrayeTwo class sections offered, with an 8 person limit for each class. Those attending should bring an unstrung inkle loom (Domina Alys has only two for lending). She will provide nylon for heddle crafting and yarn (linen and cotton) for weaving. As of Oct 11, there are still 3 spaces available in each class. Please message her on Facebook (or reach out on the Dragon’s Laire group) to sign up or if you have questions.
Class: Shoe making, Patterning & Assembly10am–noon OR
1pm — 3pm
HL Owain ap Gwyllim PengrythTwo class sessions will be offered, focusing on on patterning and assembly. There will be two sessions, each two hours long. For patterning, there are no costs involved (although Owain will take donations to help cover the heavy paper and blu-tack necessary to make patterns). For the later assembly class, having leather you want to use is preferred. Owain will provide some 9+Oz leather for soles, and 4+Oz for uppers at cost. For most people, that would be ~ $40-50 (depends on size and height of shoes). Please message Owain on Facebook (or reach out on the Dragon’s Laire group) to sign up or if you have questions.
Class: Anglo-Saxon Annular BroachesTBA (after lunch)Marquessa Laurellen du BrandevinThis class has a 10 person limit. To register for a spot, please e-mail the instructor at
Class: Introduction to Tablet WeavingTBA (after lunch)Dame Madrun y GwehyddesThis class has an 8 person limit. The class will last between 2-3 hours. If you have tablets and yarn please bring them, but Dame Madrun will have a few to lend. To register for a spot, please e-mail the instructor at
Class: Bookbinding10am-noon AND 1pm-3pmHL Kassandra of Dragon’s LaireThis class has space for up to 6 students and will be 4 hours in length. You should be able to complete a book. HL Kassandra will provide supplies (oak board covers and 1/4 bound leather), for a cost of $20 (cash by the day of class). She can bring a model of the book to an upcoming Tuesday Social, if you are interested in seeing the final result. To register for a spot, please e-mail the instructor at
Class: Bow String (Archery) ManufactureTBAHL Alaricus SimmonsHL Alaricus will guide students through the manufacture of either a Flemish twist bow string or a continuous loop bow string. It takes about 30 minutes per string, so the number of students will be based on time allowed for the class. Students must bring their bow and current string. The price for materials will be $5. If you are interested, want to register, and / or have questions please contact HL Alaricus at
Musicians’ GatheringTBAThere will tentatively be a gathering, to pass out music and instruments, put together plans, and get people connected with teachers and lessons.
Reader’s Theater MeetingTBAWe will talk about our theatrical pursuits in support of our Yule YouTube Celebration.
** Preliminary list only. The schedule and list of activities is likely to change! **

COVID-19 Precautions

At present, the SCA policy is to follow local and state regulations regarding COVID-19 restrictions, including masking. As of Sept 17th, Kitsap County does not have any requirements in place.

Learn more about the COVID-Safe policy for in-person events.
Link to the Kitsap Public Health District

No matter what safety precautions we put in place, there is no substitute for each individual being educated about the risk to themselves and their loved ones and making responsible choices to protect themselves and others from this virus.

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