Arts & Sciences Day Camp

Come join your fellow artisans for an informal day of classes and camaraderie at the Dragon’s Laire Arts & Sciences Day Camp. Bring your projects and have some fun. No SCA garb required. Just wear street clothes.

The Arts & Sciences Day Camp is held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

Spring Day Camp: April 13, 2024

This will be a day to gather and share our love of all things that practice and showcase the skills, and reproduce the beauty of, the Middle Ages!

If you are curious about some form of art or science, you can most likely find an artisan with experience who would love to share their knowledge with you. Or if you want to find like-minded artisans / craftspeople, to share tips and tricks for your various art-forms, this is the place to be!

We generally draw people from all over the Puget Sound region to ‘geek out’ on their favorite activities. Dragon’s Laire is extremely privileged to have some amazingly talented artists and craftspeople within its borders!

You will not want to miss the Spring Day Camp. It promises to be a lot of fun!

Let us know if you would like to schedule something, or if you have any questions.
Contact: Arontius of Bygelswade heraldic device for Arontius of Bygelswade at

Location and Time

Where: Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church; 1015 Veneta Ave, Bremerton, WA 98337 (Google map link)
Cost: The fee will be by donation.
You do NOT have to dress in garb for this occasion.

Food and Drink

Boxed Lunch by the Culinary Guild

The popular boxed lunch option is BACK! 40 lunch-boxes are available for pre-sale for $5/box at this link, and a few will likely be available for day-of-event purchase.

The spring-themed menu features summer sausage, focaccia, Italian-style stuffed eggs, Torta Bianca (ginger tart), and spring greens salad with vinaigrette. There is a gluten-free option. More details and the ingredient list can be found on the registration form.

Coffee, Tea, Snacks, and Other Food Options

We will have a coffee, tea, and hot chocolate assortment with some honey, sugar, sugar alternate, and creamer options. We do not have fresh cream or liquid creamer alternates. We encourage anyone interested to add to the snack table in a potluck fashion. Please provide a list of ingredients or the original labeling.

Packing a picnic lunch for this all-day event is also a great option! Bremerton also has a great variety of nearby restaurants.

Drop-In (Unscheduled) Activities

Bring your sewing projects! Bring your scribal work! Bring your heraldry questions!

Our Baronial Games Minister, Lucy of Leek heraldic device for Lucy of Leek, usually brings a number of board games, for anyone who wants to learn / play — chess, fox and geese, etc.

Planned Activities

Please let Master Arontius ( ) know if you have any questions — want to teach or demonstrate an art — or want to get involved in any other way. There will be a kitchen, which could be used for culinary classes.

TimeInstructorTitle & Description
approx. 11:30AM — 1:30PMHE Tierzah Nic CathalClass: Construction of Fighting Garb. The instructor will be using a computerized patterning program she has successfully navigated many times to create all manner of garb. She will be demonstrating how to use this program and then help those in the class with whatever patterning might be desired. She will bring examples of some of the items that have gone through the process. She requests that students bring five yards of cloth to use as patterning material. The is no class limit, open to all who wish to attend. This class will begin by approximately 11:30 and run for two hours, with plenty of additional time to assist students through a patterning process.
NOON — 2PMDame Tamlyn of WynterseaClass: Painting with Gouache. This class will be technique exercises to use when painting with gouache. The class can accommodate approximately eight students.
2:30PM — 4:30PMDame Tamlyn of WynterseaClass: Using Nib Pens. Learn how to prepare and write with nib pens. Participants can test out a couple of different brands of nibs and inks. While knowing a calligraphy hand prior would be beneficial, simple strokes will be taught that can be practiced. Again, with a maximum of eight students.
NOON — 2PMHL Theodoric the ScholarClass: Making Yoghurt. This will be a lecture session that walks students through the process and then sampling some that has been prepared in advance.