The Wyverns and the Pearls

Two Orders from Dragon’s Laire

Dragon’s Laire has two long-standing ‘orders’; awards in which new recipients are chosen in part by prior recipients.

The Wyverns

One receives the Wyvern of Dragon’s Laire, and becomes inducted into the order, in recognition of the superior service one has given to the Barony.

For an up-to-date listing of all the recipients of the Dragon’s Laire Wyvern, please see the An Tir OP website (link should take you straight to the wyverns listing).

The Pearls

For an up-to-date listing of all the recipients of the Dragon’s Laire Pearl, please see the An Tir OP website (link should take you straight to the pearls listing).

About the Order of the Dragon’s Pearls

The Order of the Dragon’s Pearls was formerly known as the Order of the Albion Light. It was formed to recognize outstanding achievement in the arts & sciences in the Barony. Members of the Order are proficient in several disciplines and committed to sharing their skills and knowledge. As a polling order, current members recommend selected individuals for admission to the Order to the Their Excellencies. Although Pearl meetings are restricted to members of the order, anyone with recommendations or requests of the Pearls of the Dragon may ask a member of the order to bring it before the membership.

Insignia of the order includes the display of a pearl held in a Dragon’s Claw, or, formerly, a pearl necklace or other display of pearls.

The Order awards The Light of Scholarship as special recognition for the runner-up in the Baronial A&S Championship.

Criteria for Membership in the Order

Since the Order of the Dragon’s Pearls is a polling order, the criteria for membership may seem akin to those of some secret lodge, but the reality is that we look for specific qualities to guide our choices. Not only is a certain competency in the arts and sciences required but also both a breadth and depth of knowledge and skill. Finally we seek those who have crossed a certain difficult to define line from superior craftsmanship or even artistry to a scholar of their specialty. Hallmarks of this achievement include:

  • Content focuses in multiple areas (at least three). Skill in at least one focus will rise to a level analogous to deadly on the field. A second area should attain at least a competent rating and skill in a third will rise above the novice level.
  • A depth of knowledge in their chosen fields reflected by research, including a familiarity with and an ability to use primary source materials
  • A willingness to share their skills and knowledge through teaching, in particular within the Barony. This can be either formal classes, informal classes, individual instruction or even impromptu demonstrations and discussion.
  • Inclusion in the Order is not to be considered a reward for doing one’s job, such as a guild head or officer. Nor is winning an A&S competition considered criteria for inclusion.