Artisans, Scholars and Bards, Pay Heed!
You are hereby invited to share Beauty, Knowledge and Wonder with the Barony at Harvest Feast on 22 Oct 2022.

Declare your intent to become our Champion!
Declare your intent to become a Scholar of Dragon’s Laire!
Do a single entry without entering the Competition!
Or simply share what you are currently working on!

Expectations for our Champions

Dragon’s Laire’s Champions shall display the Champion’s regalia at all events they attend throughout the year and proudly represent the Barony. They shall enhance their craft through classes, presentations, drills, demonstrations, projects, and or activities that provide avenues for learning.

Instructions for the 2021 Competition

We will follow a similar format to the successful “Road to Athenaeum” model that was used in 2020 by our Cousins in the Barony of Madrone.

No later than the 15th of December: Letters of Intent to enter a Championship or the Scholars Program are due to Their Excellencies and the Arts and Sciences Minister.  Your actual project is not due at this time.

15 Jan 2021: Videos, research papers and all supporting materials are due.

The Baroness, Baron, one or more Champions, and others with knowledge of your work shall serve as judges. We shall provide a virtual space for live discussion with any who are curious about your work, and for any questions that the judges may have. 

Scholars presentations will be evaluated as described in the Scholars section.

We encourage everyone to share your art, a group project, and works in progress. 

Please notify Their Excellencies and the Arts and Sciences Minister by 15 Dec 2020 if you wish to share something with the Populace. Supporting materials are due by 15 Jan 2021.

Bardic Championship

Our Bardic Champion shall be entertaining.
We seek beauty and wonder, be it found in Court or by fireside.

All genres of songs and tales found in the SCA are welcome including period pieces, filks, SCA historical stories, original works, and “modern pieces”. Examples of “modern pieces” include, but are not limited to, Yeats poetry, Scottish folk tales and songs, Heather Alexander and the Elf Hill Times Songbook songs.

Dance, including SCA belly dancing, theatre, and instrumental works are also wonders we wish to behold.

Written documentation is not needed. Bards followed the oral tradition in many cultures. You should relate pertinent historical details as part of your introduction.

For the Championship, you will need a video of your presentation. This will be available all day for the Populace to enjoy at Candlemas.

You should be prepared to chat with the Baroness, Baron, one or more Champions and others wishing to learn about your entry.

You will also perform “virtually live” at evening Court. This can be the same or a different piece.

Review the Bardic Championship Considerations document for more details. Keep in mind that this is not a checklist, but, rather a guide for Mentorship.

Scholarly Bardic studies are welcomed in the Arts and Sciences Championship.


Arts and Sciences Championship

Our Arts and Science Champion shall be knowledgeable and skilled.

We welcome entries of period arts and sciences earlier than 1600 AD. Straying into the first half of the 17th century is acceptable with reasonable justification.

Dame Gwen the Potter competing at Kingdom Arts and Sciences, 2011
(© 2011 Wendy McComb)

Documentation is required and a key part in selecting our A&S Champion.
Your virtual display and presentation are also key elements.

You will need a video of your display and/or presentation. This will be available all day for the Populace to review at Candlemas.

You should be prepared to chat with the Baroness, Baron, one or more Champions and others wishing to learn about your entry.

You may choose to create an Object, present a Research Paper, or do a Scholarly Bardic study.

  • If you choose to make something, your documentation should be 3 or more pages as you see fit.
  • If you choose to do a Research paper or Scholarly Bardic study, you can use the format guidelines in the Scholars’ section for guidance. If you wish to enter your paper for consideration in the Scholars Program, tell the A&S Minister so.
  • Review the A&S Championship Considerations documents (Object, Research, Scholarly Bardic) for more details.  Keep in mind that this is not a checklist, but, rather a guide for Mentorship.



Baroness Kloe of Thira heraldic device for Kloe of
Baron Arion the Wanderer heraldic device for Arion the
Arts and Sciences Minister Arontius of Bygelswade heraldic device for Arontius of
Event Steward: Ciar ingen Fiachnae heraldic device for Ciar ingen


Scholar’s Assembly point of contact is Maestra Aelianora de Wyntringham heraldic device for Aelianora de Wyntringham.

Research/Scholarly Papers – the Scholars’ Assembly

The Scholar’s Assembly focuses on scholarly research, the examination and written presentation of an aspect of pre-1650 culture or history unaccompanied by either a made object or a performance. Research papers for the Assembly should demonstrate both breadth and depth of knowledge about the chosen topic. Breadth of knowledge is accomplished by locating one’s topic firmly in a specific time and place, and comparing that local knowledge to what happened elsewhere both before and after the chosen time-frame. Depth of knowledge is demonstrated by presenting the range of what is known about your topic in your chosen time and place, including conflicting interpretations of the experts, identification of the limits of what is known, and the speculations of the experts. You, too, may wish to speculate about unresolved controversies about your topic but it is not required. If you choose to do so be sure to explain why you have come to the conclusions you present.

Those desiring to submit and present a paper at the Scholars’ Assembly (and hence become a Scholar of Dragon’s Laire) are required to submit a letter of intent to Their Excellencies, the Arts and Sciences Minister and the Assembly Coordinator by December 15, 2020. Preliminary copies of the research paper can be submitted for review and feedback by January 1, 2021. Submission of preliminary copies of papers is not required but is usually helpful. PDFs of the finished research paper are due to the Arts and Sciences Minister and the Assembly Coordinator on January 15, 2021. Submitted papers will be reviewed by the Scholars of Dragon’s Laire. Papers will be judged against a set of scholarly standards, not against each other. Those papers meeting these scholarly standards will be accepted for presentation at the Assembly and their writers will become a Scholar of Dragon’s Laire. Please note, the Assembly is NOT a competition; since it is the intent of the assembly to build a community of scholars within the Barony, every writer/scholar who is accepted to present their paper at the Championships (and does so) will be named a Scholar of Dragon’s Laire and they will remain a Scholar and be invited to submit a paper every year, if they wish.

Scholars’ Paper Format Specifics:

  • Length: approximately 2200 words (roughly 5 pages of text without illustrations).
  • Font and spacing: 12-point font and either 1.5 or double-spaced.
  • Margins: 1-inch top, bottom and sides. Number all pages except the title page.
  • Bibliography: A list of everything you read, including the references you have cited. This can be annotated but it is not required.
  • Citation style: There are many to pick from. Choose one and stick to it.
  • Illustrations: illustrations, tables, and figures should be numbered consecutively (figure 1, illustration 1, table 1) and referred to in the text the same way.