The Tournament

The Tournament
by Farcus Cedrickson (4/1/20)

The sun has risen high,
The hour then was noon.
I look out at the crowd,
For my tournament shall start soon.

I started to put on my armor,
Partially new, partially old.
I begin to slowly realize,
My opponents would be bold.

Some of them come from afar,
Many of them from near.
They had all come together,
Right then, and right here.

I scoped out my competition,
Looking for the one.
The one who I’d fight,
When all other duels are done.

The one who will beat every other fighter,
The champion, the best.
The one that I’ll fight at the end,
The one who’s better than the rest.

After many a conflict,
After fangs have shown,
I got into the arena,
Just me alone.

He came in like a chariot,
But didn’t make a sound.
Stepped out, sword in hand
And stomped on the ground.

He was truly a spectacle!
No matter your perspective.
With his impressive armor,
And a reputation well respected.

“Let this duel be honorable,”
The marshal rang out.
“For this is the last match!”
I will win, no doubt!

He raised his shield,
Round and large.
I raised my great sword,
Preparing for his charge.

I wait for him to move closer,
To attempt to strike.
I was a coiled-up snake,
And I was ready to bite.

The smell of iron,
The sound of steel,
The rising tension,
I would find his Achilles’ heel.

The dirt on the floor,
Had shifted beneath our feet.
He made an attack,
But I would have him beat.

I struck like lightning.
Thrusting with a quick tip.
I had surgical precision,
For he had made one small slip.

When he finally came,
He had come too fast.
He left his head open,
And was stopped at long last.

Since our duel was done,
I offered him a hand.
He stood up graciously,
And said, “Thanks, man.”

Even though he’s my opponent,
He is still a good friend.
Even though I beat him this time,
Our duel will never really end.

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