A Very Brief History of Some Aspects of Newcastle Upon Tyne to the end of the 16th C

Scholar’s Paper for the Scholars’ Assembly

Aelianora de Wyntringham, OL

What follows is a quick introductory outline, just showing a bit of what the paper discusses, with snide remarks and questions. Read the paper for answers and you’ll know a little about the best town in England!

  • Newcastle
    • Why – Hi, Aelianora (x 2)! and Cicely!
    • What/Where – way up north (from London)!
    • Constraints on the Archaeological and Visible/Existing Record in Newcastle
      • Boom!
    • Geography
      • A river, plateaus, burns, sides, stairs, steps and more!
  • Pre-Historic Newcastle
    • Really, it was there.
      • But what did it do?
  • Roman Newcastle
    • I’m a gonna make a bridge, and name it after me, you plebs!
    • Ok, maybe you, the soldiers, are gonna make the bridge.
    • And the fort, and the vicus, the wall, the market…
  • Anglo-Saxon Newcastle
    • Huh?
    • Burials, and right in your face, old Roman fort!
  • Norman/Medieval Newcastle
    • The Castle
      • So that’s why it’s ‘New’ Castle
        • Never mind right in your face, right on TOP of you, old Roman fort!
        • Wait, when was this ‘new’ castle build? NEW? Ohhh yea, old Roman fort!
    • Trade
      • All kinds of trade
        • Wool, baaaaaa
      • Wait, Coal?? that early??
    • The Quayside – Town Development
      • Ballast from where?
      • What’s a chare?
      • Wait, when was this done??
    • Housing and Land Plots
      • Burgage, buuuuuurrrrrrrrrrgage
      • Fill that burn, dump that midden
      • Timber framed? There’s one or two, but… burn, baby, burn!
    • Markets
    • The Town Wall
      • What happens when you ignore your wall?

The paper is here.

The boom
Boom! Newcastle burns: from By A record of the Great Fire in Newcastle and Gateshead. George Routledge & Co, 1855. Online: Google Books, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1164644
The Black Gate
BlackGate: Where’s the black? Copyright R. Giles 2003
Bessie Surtee’s house, mid 1600s, one of the only timberframed houses left in Newcastle. Copyright R. Giles 2003

The Castle Keep
The ‘new’ Castle’s keep entrance. Copyright R. Giles 2003