Announcing: the June Faire Artisans’ Village

Come meet the artisans and craftspeople of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Nearly forty good people will be demonstrating historical arts and sciences at June Faire!

They are passionate in their chosen fields and have done incredible amounts of research, study, and practice to be able to create the works of art they do.

Where to See Them

The Artisans will be located in two general areas this year: inside the VanZee Building and on the North side of the Marketplace (near the Minstrel’s Stage). Make sure to walk through both areas and watch them in action. Ask questions!

You might discover the love of the arts and sciences yourself and want to join in the fun. And you would be most welcome to come join us!

Our Artisans

DemonstrationArtisans & Craftspeople
Elizabethan CostumingYvette du Coeur
Culinary ArtsDragon’s Laire Culinary Guild: Ciar Ingen Fiachnae, Rycheza z Polska, Maenach na Cailled, Stuart of House Awry, and Friends
Italian Salon: Cultural HistoryAtaliana de Segna, Giata Magdalena Alberti, Raffaella di Contini, and Vittoria di Carduci
Glamfolk Norse Culture PresentationSven Red Beard Einarson
FalconryLady Dagrun Harasdottir
Fiber Arts: Spinning, narrow band and cloth weaving, etc.Alys Graye, Elisabeth de Besancon, Elizabethe FittzWilliam of Carlisle, and Sigridr Vilhjalmsdottir 
Tablet weaving (outside)Madrun y Gwehyddes and Tuirrean ni Chaoilte Dal gCais
NeedleworkAngharat verch Reynulf
Games from the medieval and Renaissance eraChrysalis of Dragon’s Laire and Isabella de Walingeford
Moneyers’ Guild: Coin ManufacturingRaymond von dem Lowengrab
PotteryGwenllyn Potter and Morgaina of the Woodlands
Scribal Activities: Calligraphy and IlluminationTamlyn of Wyntersea, Gracia Abrabanel, Vittoia di Carduci, Jehanne Catterill, Lundi of Summer Gate, Soraya Abdo, Nykera Drago D’Argento, and M’Lady Drifa.
Medieval Bestiary for kidsMore Scribal Activities — guessing game, drawing activity and Calligraphy Demo
Illuminators’ Materials DemoLyndi Ten and Illuminators
Woodworking and Wood turningEllen Fraser, Hrollaugr Njalsson, and Mateusz z Plocka

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