Tuesday Social special activities for May

Brightest Of Greetings, Most Glorious, Upon The Barony Of Dragon’s Laire!

May, 2023, contains the subtle rumbling of preparations for the upcoming Faire of June! And one with more opportunities to bring educational delight! Let’s meet, learn, and have fun with activities this month! Come to the Tuesday Socials and join with us.

Click here if you need the address — or other details about our weekly gatherings and martial practices. All martial activities are now back on their SUMMER schedule (Tuesday or Wednesday evenings).

DateWhat’s happening at Dragon’s Laire’s Tuesday Social?
May 2Baronial Business Meeting – starts at 6:30pm. These meetings are open to anyone and are a good source of information about what is happening in the Barony.
May 9Class: DIY Pressing Hem and Pressing Roll – starts at 6:30pm – by HL Adelheide Leeuwin heraldic device for Adelheide Leeuwin. 100% Up-cycle leftover scraps and thread! Simple construction pattern and ways to use pressing techniques for your seam finishing. Perfect project to practice simple sewing skills on sewing machines for beginners!
May 16June Faire Meeting – starts at 7pm – All are welcome to attend! Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol heraldic device for Elisabeth de Rossignol, the 2023 June Faire Board Chairman, will lead this meeting about preparations for June Faire. June Faire information can be found here (link).
May 23NO CLASS SCHEDULED! FREE DAY! (AFTER MAY CROWN WEEKEND) – Information about May Crown can be found on the An Tir calendar (link). Baron Arion the Wanderer heraldic device for Arion the Wanderer will be in attendance. Dragon’s Laire will have pavilion space next to the fighting field! Come by, drop a chair, and revel in the tournaments.
May 30Class: SCA Camping Hacks: Turning Mundane into Medieval – starts at 6:30pm – by HL Halldora Bjorn heraldic device for Halldora Bjorn. This presentation will present ideas of how to hide/convert modern camping equipment in order to make your camp look and feel more like a historical encampment. Especially timely, as the Season of Camping begins in earnest!

Looking out into June, we will be supporting June Faire and readying ourselves to welcome our new family members acquired from our June Faire demonstration initiatives. Please think about volunteering your time and experience in teaching classes to these new members of our family. Come talk to us if you have questions. We will definitely be reaching out to all of you asking for help in this endeavor.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Thank You!
– HL Arontius of Bygelswade heraldic device for Arontius of Bygelswade, Arts and Sciences Minister of Dragon’s Laire
Arontius of Bygelswade heraldic device for Arontius of Bygelswade, Deputy A&S of Dragon’s Laire