Armored Combat Info for June Faire – General Rules and Schedule

All those who would participate in the heavy (armored) combat activities at June Faire — hearken unto these words from Sir Andras Truemark heraldic device for Andras Truemark, Marshal in Charge (MIC) for Armored Combat Activities!

PRAY ATTEND – Changes to location and some rules for the Armored Combat at June Faire.

1) Location change: We will NOT be fighting on the soccer field (artificial turf). We will be fighting in the same area as last year, on grass, central to all the activities.
2) Because of the location change, missile combat will also be changed to a singular direction of fire, and used by only one army at a time, oriented in the correct direction. This is a safety precaution for everyone.

Remember, June Faire is a public demo on Saturday and we should be attempting to make a grand showing of our chivalry and prowess. If you are killed and can safely “die,” do so. Dramatic deaths appreciated. We are playing to the audience. We are giving a performance. We are fighting because we love it so let’s put on a great show for our modern visitors.

Saturday: a combination of war scenarios and tournament fighting

Armor Inspection starts at 9am
Fighting begins at 10am promptly, with the General Melee as noted below

War Scenarios

1)  General Melee 

Last man standing.  Use as a warmup — 15 minute time period (estimated), then a 10 minute rest period

2)  Open Field Battle (one army with missile weapons)

Two equal armies, with one army having combat archers – 3 res, 20 minute time limit or until one army is vanquished or their battle flag captured. Battle Flag will be at Res Point for each army. Flag can be captured or re-taken multiple times… winner is the army with their opponent’s flag in their possession at the end of the scenario.

 10 minute rest period – Missile combatants glean ammo from the field.

2a)  Open field battle (other army with missile weapons) 

Same as above, except armies will change sides of the field and the other army will have combat archers.

20 minute rest period – Missile combatants glean ammo from the field. The two armies will be reformed with a different mix of fighters.

3)  River battle with Bridge and Crossings (one army with combat archers)

Two equal armies, with one army having archers 3 res, 20 minutes to clear the bridge and/or capture the opponent’s flag. Battle Flags will be at Res Point. The River will be clearly delineated. There will also be two shallow river crossings, in addition to the bridge, that will require those using the crossing to do so on their knees.

No hand-to-hand fighting anywhere in the water EXCEPT at the designated river crossings. Those fighters crossing can defend themselves from all attack during this process. Any fighter in the water and NOT at a crossing area will be called dead. The use of pikes from the river bank (no water!) over the hay bales is RESTRICTED TO TWO PIKES ON ANY GIVEN BANK. This means no more than four pike fighters from each army can be on the banks (two on each side of the bridge).

Combat archery and thrown weapons fighters must fight either on the bridge or the approaches to the bridge (i.e., the road) NO combat archery from the river banks outside of the bridges. This is a safety precaution. Winner will be the army in possession of their opponent’s flag at the end of the scenario.

 10 minute rest period – Missile combatants glean ammo from the field.

3a)  River battle with Bridge and Crossings (other army with combat archers)

Same as above, except armies change sides and the other army will have combat archers.

Lunch Break & War Field Court

There will be a lunch break, during which The Coronets of Dragon’s Laire will hold a war field court. This will allow fighters to cool down, grab a bite to eat, hydrate properly and prepare for the tournaments. All are invited to attend the war field court, and those members of Dragon’s Laire involved in the war scenarios are especially encouraged to be in attendance at court.


Tournaments will begin as close to 1:30 as possible.  If you fought in the War Scenarios, you will not be required to do a full armor inspection again. If you will be fighting with different weapons than used in the War Scenarios, please find a Marshal and ask for an inspection of your weapon(s) and shield. If you did not fight in the war scenarios, please get inspected by a marshal before entering the tourney. 

Pick up fighting will be allowed during the tournaments for the pleasure of the modern visitors. There will be a designated pick up fight area separate from the Tournament fighting. Pick up fights must have a marshal in attendance.

June Faire Prize Tournament 

Reminder that JF is a public demo, so good deaths are encouraged.  It helps everyone know who won and who didn’t.  There may even be a prize for “best death.”

Tournament format – An Tir standard double elimination tournament.  Semi-finals will be best two of three and finals will be best three of five.  Any An Tir legal weapon and shield style will be allowed.

Winner will be awarded a beautiful sword donated by HE Master Arion the Wanderer heraldic device for Arion the Wanderer, Baron of Dragon’s Laire.

Chivalry prize will be based on input from the combatants themselves, with consultation among the marshals and list persons. Also donated by HE Master Arion.

Prizes will be awarded in Evening Court on Saturday.

Period Kit Tournament

The Period Kit Tournament starts after the Prize Tourney and is a celebration of those fighters and their kits that inspire us, with their focus on historical appearance.

All fighters wishing to enter this tournament must be meet the following criteria:

  1. No visible plastic, except basket hilts.
  2. Your kit must be appropriate to a given time, place, and culture. Any out of period elements needed for safety should be made as unobtrusive as possible.
  3. All fighters must, at the start of the tournament, introduce themselves, and briefly tell the crowd about their persona and the kit they are fighting in.

Format will be decided by Sir Decimus Marius Gavinus Brittanicus. 

Update – Heavy combat is moving – back to the grass!
SPECIAL NOTE – PRAY ATTEND!  All rattan fighting will occur on the Soccer Pitch, at the West end of the event site, between the camping area and the main buildings. This field is artificial turf.  There will be NO POINTY ANYTHING DRIVEN INTO THE GROUND of the soccer field or surrounding track area.  IF IN DOUBT – DON’T!  Ask a marshal or the Armored MIC, Sir Andras Truemark, if you have any thought of driving anything pointy into any part of the soccer field. 

There will be some sunshade available. You may bring your own modern style sunshades, but check with the Marshals as to where you can place them.  They cannot be staked down anywhere on or near the field! 

Hydration will be important. Please be responsible and bring your own non-alcoholic hydration of choice. The Barony of Dragon’s Laire will also make water available should you forget. You will be reminded to hydrate frequently.  Porta Potties will be standing by.  Don’t make the MIC write any incident reports because of lack of taking care of your needs.

Sunday: Dragon’s Laire Armored Combat Championship

Draw nigh, one and all, to witness the bravery and chivalry of those who would contest for right to be known as Dragon’s Laire’s Armored Combat Champion!  Those wishing to participate in the tournament will be required to be at Sunday Morning Court to declare their intention of competing and to take the fighter’s oath prior to the tournament.

Armor inspection begins immediately after Morning Court and the tournament at 10 am or shortly thereafter.

The style of the tournarment is a round robin format, with each pairing being best two of three fights for the overall win. Fight your preferred weapon and shield style, consistent with An Tir rules and conventions, except one of the two opening fights must be single sword, with no shields of any kind used.  Sword will be defined as any single handed weapon with a blade as defined in the An Tir Book of Combat.  The top four combatants as determined by highest win totals advance to the semi finals where best two of three fights decides the two overall warriors who will meet in the finals.  Finals will be best three of five with at least one fight single sword as above (so, one of the first three engagements). 

The Champion must be willing to swear an oath of service to the Barony for the period of one year, to make all efforts to attend Dragon’s Laire published events and to protect the Barony and its populace as needed during times of war.  Any questions concerning the tournament or the duties of the Armored Champion should be directed to HL Ermanrich Goutmann, current Champion of Dragons Laire or to Sir Andras Truemark, Armored Martial MIC. 

In service,
Andras Truemark
Armored Martial MIC