Volunteer for Candlemas!

We’re in the full swing of preparations for Candlemas, and volunteers are needed for many jobs.


Candlemas is quickly approaching and Scullery could use your help. Please reach out to me via e-mail ( stephenthesinister@gmail.com ) if you are up to giving some time to help the kitchen and feast run smoothly.
HL Stephen the Sinister, OGGS
Candlemas Scullery Lead
Protégé to Magister Arion the Wanderer


Help make Candlemas happen by volunteering for Gate (the event entry and check-in table) at this historic first Dragon’s Laire and Blatha an Oir Candlemas!
Why volunteer for Gate? You’ll make friends at Gate (or volunteer with pre-made friends). You’ll meet everyone who comes to the event. You’ll learn names as people sign in.
1 hour shifts! You can volunteer for as many as you like.
The job comes with a chair, so no sore feet!
Click on this link to sign up for a particular shift.


Scribal help is needed preparing documents (scrolls, charters, etc.,) for Candlemas. Please contact our Baronial Scribe, Adelheide Leeuwin heraldic device for Adelheide Leeuwin. We will have several individuals submitting papers for Scholar and should have the documents for ready for all.