June Faire! pre-reg closes May 27th & new info drop

Pre-registration is OPEN through May 27th! (Camping “land grab” through June 7th.) This is for SCA populace members only — the public demo on Saturday is called the Kitsap Medieval Faire. More info on the Kitsap Medieval Faire can be found on Facebook and the web site.

PLUS, our website has new information — about merchants, food trucks, combat activities on Saturday and Sunday, and various other things. Visit us on the June Faire 2024 page to learn more.

Pre-registration is not required for the event or for land grab. It does save you time at gate (where you can pay by card, check, or cash). Pre-registration can be paid by PayPal, Check or Money Order, and fees must be received by May 30th at 11:59 PM. You are not pre-registered until your funds are received.

Quick links:

SCA Site Fees:
Multi-day / camping: $25 US for each Adult – only $15 with paid SCA membership
Saturday ONLY: $20 for each Adult – or $10 US with paid SCA Membership
FREE for Youth (17 and under)

Pre-registration for the SCA populace: CLOSED
Camping (tent/pavilion) pre-registration: https://forms.gle/kT6LmRHLXuX7gZgy9
Camping in the Dragon’s Laire group encampment: https://forms.gle/mR9zyuqc28NwCNhU9
RV camping pre-registration: https://forms.gle/PcUsokthgn9BpmrN6

For additional information on memberships, please visit SCA membership services (https://www.sca.org/member-services/).

More details on the event websites:

– On this website
– On the Kingdom of An Tir Calendar
– Facebook event page for June Faire
– For the public part of the event on Saturday: Kitsap Medieval Faire on Facebook and the web