Target Archery Info for June Faire

Greetings to the archers of the Knowne World! Let all look forward to June Faire! Our archery Marshal in Charge is Brian of Cardiff heraldic device for Brian of Cardiff.

Be sure to visit the archery range on Saturday and Sunday, for an exhibition of our archers’ skill!

Target archery will showcase the Arrow Slot shoot and Royal Rounds, along with the Dragon’s Laire Archery Championship. Combat archery is included in the War Scenarios — details can be found in the Armored Combat post.

For more information about June Faire, please visit the main event website.

Volunteers needed!

Archery can only be open so long as a authorized marshal is available. If you wish to help please reach out to Brian of Cardiff heraldic device for Brian of Cardiff to be put on the list.

Dragon’s Laire Archery Championship

This year, for the first time, the Dragons’ Laire Archery Championship will take place as part of the Medieval Fair activities.

All archers over the age of 18 can enter the Championship competition, regardless of ranking.

Royal Round scores from Saturday will be used to select semifinalists for the Championship Rounds on Sunday morning, with the Champion being installed at Closing Court on Sunday afternoon.

The finals for the Saturday rounds will be split into two groups: Master Bowman and above, and those below Master Bowman. The top two in each group will go to the finals on Sunday.

In the morning, those who made it through the elimination rounds will face off head-to-head in the Inter-Kingdom Combat Archery Competition (IKCAC), to decide who will reign as Archery Champion and Baronial Defender of Dragon’s Laire! The top two RR scorers will compete and the two lower scorers shoot (regardless of average), and then the winner of those would participate in the coronets question.

Friday: Archery range setup, open range, and Torchlight Shoot

Friday is the opening day for SCA members — not yet open to the public.

TENTATIVE Schedule for Friday:
9:00 AM – Archery range setup.
Midday – The range will open for practice and Royal Rounds, for those who need scores.
Sunset – “Torchlight Shoot” will be held if sufficient numbers of archers are available to participate.

Saturday: Public Demo! Royal Rounds & Arrow Slot shoot

During the Saturday public demo (the “Kitsap Medieval Faire”), archers from all over the Kingdom of An Tir will showcase their skills. In addition to the traditional Royal Round shoot, The Arrow Slot shoot will pit archers shooting through a narrow slot against an “army” of enemies trying to storm their castle.

Combat archery will be included in the War Scenarios, on the Armored Combat field. Please see the Armored Combat details for more info.

TENTATIVE Schedule for Saturday:
8:00 AM – Archery Championship list signup opens on the archery range.
9:45 AM – The range will be closed for Court. Baroness Kloe asks for anyone who wishes to walk into the warfield in full pageantry to meet on the road between camp and the barns to line up.
After Court – Range will reopen, with Royal Rounds and novelty shoots for all archers.
10:00 AM — LUNCH – Combat archery in the War Scenarios on the Armored Combat field
4:45 PM – The range will be closed 45 minutes prior to Evening Court, so scores can be tallied to identify semi finalists and Prize Shoot winners. The names of Prize winners and Championship semi-finalists will be announced at Court.

At the end of the day, prize arrows will be awarded in the following categories: Highest score for the Arrow Slot Shoot; Highest Royal Round score for Novice/Tyro Archer; and Highest Royal Round score for Youth Archers.

Sunday: Finals for the Dragon’s Laire Archery Championship

TENTATIVE Schedule for Sunday:
After Court – Championship Rounds for the Dragon’s Laire Archery Championship
Closing Court – Archery Champion installed