Baronial Polling 2020: Results

July 9th 2020

Proconsul Augusti, By the Hand of the Sable Lion, and Proconsula Eilidh Keldeleth, Baron and Baroness of Dragon’s Laire to Their Majesties Christian III and Helene III, Baronial Seneschal Ciar Inghen Fiachra, Baronial Deputy Seneschal & Polling Officer Furia Dommitia, and the noble Populace of Dragon’s Laire, Salve!

We have received word of Their Majesties choice for the future leaders of the Barony, and we pass on Their words to you with joy. But first let us thank those brave individuals who offered to dedicate years of their lives to serve this most Noble of Baronies. We would like to thank Mistress Gwen & His Lordship Richard Dragun, Her Ladyship Ciar & Lord Meanach and Magister Arion & Her Ladyship Khloe for their commitment to take on the office of Baron & Baroness, and to devote themselves to the populace and place we love. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We know personally how much soul searching is done when just deciding to put one’s name in for Baron & Baroness. This is not a decision done lightly and without many nuanced considerations. This is a difficult process in the best of times and we appreciate your patience in this extraordinary situation. You have Our deepest respects and appreciation for your collective grace in this matter.

After due consideration of the words of the populace, it is the will of the Crown that Magister Arion The Wanderer and Her Ladyship Khloe of Thira are to be the next Baron & Baroness of Dragon’s Laire. Please join us in congratulating Our Successors and offer your support for them as you did for Us.

We are deeply grateful to the Populace of Dragon’s Laire that you trusted us to foster and guide this amazing Barony for 6 years. It is with pride that We take our place in Dragon’s Laire’s history, while looking forward to the Barony’s future, continuing our service to the new Baron & Baroness and Dragon’s Laire.

The changeover will occur in some form virtually to be published August 1st but at this point we do not know any of the particulars. While We appreciate that this is not the preferred method we would have all liked, a Royal Court held in the sunshine, surrounded by friends, it is what is practical at this time. We encourage you all to make the best of a difficult situation, participate as much as possible, and when the time comes, we will celebrate together as a Barony.

In Service to Crown, Kingdom and Barony
Proconsul Conchobar Mac Eoin and Proconsula Eilidh Keldeleth, Baron and Baroness of Dragon’s Laire.