• Baronial Investiture

    On the First of September, Anno Societatis XV, being the year 2020 Gregorian, Baron Conchobar MacEoin heraldic device for Conchobar MacEoin and Baroness Eilidh Keldeleth heraldic device for Eilidh Keldeleth formally ended their tenure, and Baroness Kloe of Thira heraldic device for Kloe of Thira and Baron Arion the Wanderer heraldic device for Arion the Wanderer stepped up as our new Coronet. Due to the current restrictions on gatherings and activities these ceremonies were conducted with the aid of the ethereal realms — specifically, YouTube. Both ceremonies may be viewed below.

    Witness the farewell of our former Coronet here:

    Witness the investiture of our new Coronet here (available as of 6:00 PM, US Pacific time, on September 2):
  • An Tir Royal Court, August 14, 2020
    The Court of King Christian III and Queen Hélène III
    Posted 14 August, 2020
  • Resolution to Suspend In-Person SCA Activity until January 31st, 2021

    The SCA Board of Directors made the following announcement today. At the time of this writing the SCA servers seem overloaded, so I have copied the entire announcement here. The original can be found at this address:

    During the July 28, 2020, Ad Hoc meeting of the Board of Directors for the Society for Creative Anachronism, the following Resolution was passed by a unanimous vote and made effective immediately:

    Resolution to Suspend In-Person SCA Activity until January 31st, 2021(PDF)

    I. Whereas, the COVID-19 Global Pandemic has created an unparalleled challenge for the administration of the Society for Creative Anachronism. The Board of Directors acknowledges the health and well-being of the membership and participants of the SCA are of utmost importance;

    II. Whereas, the Crowns of the vast majority of North American Kingdoms have petitioned the board to suspend in-person SCA events in North America until January 31st, 2021;

    III. Whereas, following consultation with the Kingdom Seneschals of the North American Kingdoms, it appears that this petition is generally supported;

    IV. Therefore Now Be It Resolved, The SCA Board of Directors suspends all SCA in-person events in North America until January 31st, 2021;

    V. Resolved, Small local gatherings including, but not limited to, archery practice, guild meetings, officer meetings, and local martial activities shall remain at the discretion of the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal, in accordance with CDC, State, Provincial, and local health guidelines and
    recommendations. Virtual events as alternatives continue to be a viable option;

    VI. Resolved, The SCA Board of Directors directs the Society Seneschal to grant a blanket variance to Corpora waiving any required events such as Crown List and Coronation until January 31st, 2021, as well as extending all current reigns until a royal list can be held to determine suitable Heirs;

    VII. Resolved, If a Crown or Coronet steps down without Heirs for a Kingdom or Principality, a Regent shall be installed until such time as a royal list may be held to find suitable Heirs and a Coronation or Investiture held. This regent should be installed according to the Kingdom or Principality laws that govern the appointment of Regents, after consultation with the Society Seneschal. If the Kingdom or Principality has no such law, the Kingdom Seneschal (and Principality Seneschal when appropriate) must consult with the Society Seneschal and Society President to determine an appropriate selection method for a Regent;

    VIII. Resolved, the SCA Board of Directors invites Kingdoms who have determined that it is safe to host in-person events before January 31st, 2021, to request a variance from the Society Seneschal to be able to do so. The Society Seneschal shall have the authority to grant or deny these requests. These requests will be reviewed by the Board using the same review method used for variances to Corpora;

    IX. Resolved, the SCA Board of Directors commends the officers, royalty, hard-working membership, and participants who have made it possible for the SCA to continue activities during these trying times.

    Any commentary regarding this matter should be addressed to Please use the title “Resolution” in the subject line.

    NOTE: Please use the body of the email for commentary.
    Attachments will cause your message to be marked as spam, and it will bounce.

    In lieu of email, commentary may be sent by US Mail, Postage-Prepaid, to:

    Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
    RE: Resolution
    P.O. Box 360789
    Milpitas, CA 95036-0789

  • Baronial Polling 2020: Results

    July 9th 2020

    Proconsul Augusti, By the Hand of the Sable Lion, and Proconsula Eilidh Keldeleth, Baron and Baroness of Dragon’s Laire to Their Majesties Christian III and Helene III, Baronial Seneschal Ciar Inghen Fiachra, Baronial Deputy Seneschal & Polling Officer Furia Dommitia, and the noble Populace of Dragon’s Laire, Salve!

    We have received word of Their Majesties choice for the future leaders of the Barony, and we pass on Their words to you with joy. But first let us thank those brave individuals who offered to dedicate years of their lives to serve this most Noble of Baronies. We would like to thank Mistress Gwen & His Lordship Richard Dragun, Her Ladyship Ciar & Lord Meanach and Magister Arion & Her Ladyship Khloe for their commitment to take on the office of Baron & Baroness, and to devote themselves to the populace and place we love. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We know personally how much soul searching is done when just deciding to put one’s name in for Baron & Baroness. This is not a decision done lightly and without many nuanced considerations. This is a difficult process in the best of times and we appreciate your patience in this extraordinary situation. You have Our deepest respects and appreciation for your collective grace in this matter.

    After due consideration of the words of the populace, it is the will of the Crown that Magister Arion The Wanderer and Her Ladyship Khloe of Thira are to be the next Baron & Baroness of Dragon’s Laire. Please join us in congratulating Our Successors and offer your support for them as you did for Us.

    We are deeply grateful to the Populace of Dragon’s Laire that you trusted us to foster and guide this amazing Barony for 6 years. It is with pride that We take our place in Dragon’s Laire’s history, while looking forward to the Barony’s future, continuing our service to the new Baron & Baroness and Dragon’s Laire.

    The changeover will occur in some form virtually to be published August 1st but at this point we do not know any of the particulars. While We appreciate that this is not the preferred method we would have all liked, a Royal Court held in the sunshine, surrounded by friends, it is what is practical at this time. We encourage you all to make the best of a difficult situation, participate as much as possible, and when the time comes, we will celebrate together as a Barony.

    In Service to Crown, Kingdom and Barony
    Proconsul Conchobar Mac Eoin and Proconsula Eilidh Keldeleth, Baron and Baroness of Dragon’s Laire.

  • Kingdom Announcement: cancellations continue through July 2020

    Today, Mistress Alianora Greymoor, Seneschal of An tir, made an announcement regarding further event and activity cancellations. In short, the Kingdom of An Tir is extending cancellations through the end of July, 2020, which includes cancellation of July Coronation. Please see the full announcement for details, including some discussion of September Crown.

    If you have questions regarding this announcement and do not wish to contact Mistress Alieanora directly, feel free to contact the Dragon’s Laire Seneschal, Webminister, Baron, or Baroness and we will get you an answer.

    Stay safe,

    Máenach na Cailled,
    Webminister, Dragon’s Laire