• Sergeantry Program

    Greetings unto the Populace,

    We are excited to bring forth from the history of Dragon’s Laire a path long overgrown by time.  A path a new generation of the populace can forge again.  The path of Sergeantry. 

    We ask that those who are considering this undertaking to review the Sergeantry program and create your Declaration of Intent here: Dragon’s Laire Sergeantry

    We ask any who wish to declare for Candlemas to submit all imagery and documents by 2/1/2021 here: Declaration of Intent

    At this time we are allowing a rolling declaration due to COVID-19. You can declare anytime thereafter to be added at a Business Meeting or at a future virtual or in-person event. We will reassess this as we move forward in the future.

    We are excited to welcome the new Adventurers on the path,

    Kloe and Arion
    Baroness and Baron
    Dragon’s Laire, An Tir

  • November business meeting now Nov 10

    From our seneschal, Ciar ingen Fiachnae heraldic device for Ciar ingen Fiachnae

    Greetings unto the cele Barony of Dragon’s Laire!

    The November Finance and Business Meeting, scheduled for Tuesday November 3rd, 2020, has been rescheduled for Tuesday November 20th, 2020. 

    The Social Zoom meeting room will still be available. As this is Election Night, I make no guarantees that anyone will be in attendance for any extended length of time. If you do join the Zoom meeting, please no politics.

    You can join us on Zoom using this address every Tuesday starting just before 6:00 PM.  Most evenings there is a moderator and a ‘breakout’ room is available for meetings, side conversations, practicing musical performances, attempting virtual teaching, etc.

    I hope this week finds you well,

    Ciar ingen Fiachnae

  • Yule Feast on December 12, 2020

    Initial details for this year’s Yule Feast have been posted to the Kingdom Calendar and linked from the event page on this website.

    Kingdom Calendar page:

    Dragon’s Laire Yule event page:

  • Baronial Investiture

    On the First of September, Anno Societatis XV, being the year 2020 Gregorian, Baron Conchobar MacEoin heraldic device for Conchobar MacEoin and Baroness Eilidh Keldeleth heraldic device for Eilidh Keldeleth formally ended their tenure, and Baroness Kloe of Thira heraldic device for Kloe of Thira and Baron Arion the Wanderer heraldic device for Arion the Wanderer stepped up as our new Coronet. Due to the current restrictions on gatherings and activities these ceremonies were conducted with the aid of the ethereal realms — specifically, YouTube. Both ceremonies may be viewed below.

    Witness the farewell of our former Coronet here:

    Witness the investiture of our new Coronet here (available as of 6:00 PM, US Pacific time, on September 2):
  • An Tir Royal Court, August 14, 2020
    The Court of King Christian III and Queen Hélène III
    Posted 14 August, 2020