Baronial Polling 2020

The Baronial Polling Process has begun!

While scheduling and final decisions in our polling process are largely determined by the Crown of An Tir, the Baronial portions of the process will be facilitated by Deputy Seneschal Lady Furia Dommitia.

This page will serve as the official location for announcements related to polling. For logistical reasons some announcements may appear on Facebook first but all such posts will be copied here.

Because of the unusual situation we face with COVID-19 and related precautions and restrictions, some of the details of our polling process have not been fully settled. These decisions are in the hands of the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal; we will share information as we receive it.

Polling will be by mail, postmarked by April 14, 2020

Due to current conditions, polling will not be held in person. Instead, we will be holding a mail-in polling only. Polling forms will be sent to all members of the Barony by mail, along with a pre-addressed stamped envelope so that submitting the form will be as easy as possible.

Completed polling forms must be postmarked by April 14, 2020. Polling forms will be sent out as soon as possible, but please note that this timeline is somewhat brief.

The Candidates

As shared on Facebook by Lady Furia Dommitia:

Greetings unto the Stalwart and Majestic Barony of Dragon’s Laire,

Word from the Crown has reached me and the Barony finally has confirmed candidates!

Dame Gwen the Potter and THL Richard Dragun,
THL Kloe of Thira and Master Arion the Wanderer,
THL Ciar ingen Fiachnae and Lord Maenach na Cailled

Because official gatherings are currently forbidden within An Tir, we will unfortunately be unable to hold our traditional “Meet and Greet” sessions. Instead, information from the candidates will be posted here. All currently-available information from the candidates is posted below in downloadable PDF files. More information will be posted after Monday, March 30.

Dame Gwen the Potter & THL Richard Dragun

THL Kloe of Thira & Master Arion the Wanderer

THL Ciar ingen Fiachnae & Lord Máenach na Cailled

Questions for the Candidates

The following questions were collected by Lady Furia Dommitia and have been delivered to the candidates. The candidates’ answers are due to Lady Furia by Monday, March 30th, and the answers will be posted above.

  1. It’s traditional that the Coronets attend weekly social for 1.5-2 hours, starting at 6 PM. Is this a commitment you can keep?
  2. What are your plans for encouraging new players and reaching out to those Scadians who have left for one reason or another?
    • Do you have specific plans for increasing active participation in the Barony?
      Describe these plans.
    • How do you make new members comfortable and help them understand the Society and what is entailed in actively playing?
  3. The barony has historically swung between being Arts and Science focused and combat oriented. Do you plan to maintain a balance of support between martial focuses and Arts and Sciences?
  4. Are you familiar with the ‘Omnibus Martial Peerage’ proposal?
    • If so, what is your position on it?
    • If you support it what steps will you take to move it forward?
    • If you do not support it, why?
  5. To the Respected Candidates for Baron: Each of you have stated in the past that you are not the most social, outgoing people. How will you overcome this to be successful in representing the Barony both internally and to the Kingdom at large?
  6. What do you think the Barony’s strengths are and where would you like to help the Barony grow?
  7. Have you thought about baronial retinue? If chosen, how much retinue? Guards? What help do you believe you will need or want to incorporate?
  8. Do you play on having any emphasis on Sargentry?
  9. What do you plan to do to support youth engagement in the Barony?
    • Any plans on expanding outreach for youth combat, youth archery, and youth thrown weapons?
  10. What role do you see Dragon’s Laire playing as a nonprofit in Kitsap County? Do you think we need to do community outreach and volunteering? Should we focus solely internally on the SCA? Why or why not?
  11. How important is it to you to stay informed on how the Kingdom operates administratively? Do you regularly attend Curia meetings? Will you do so as Coronets? What is your familiarity with the SCA Corpora, Kingdom and Baronial rules and regulations? How important do you believe knowledge of these is?
  12. What is Dragon’s Laire’s role in the Kingdom?
  13. What are you excited about in the Barony and what would you like to promote?
  14. Some of the populace prefer an atmosphere of levity, while some prefer an atmosphere of formality. What is your preference in this?
  15. How will you make yourselves accessible to the populace?
  16. What does “inclusiveness” mean to you?
  17. If you don’t receive the bid for B&B what will you do to continue to promote your vision for the barony to support the new B&B?
  18. Given the SCA is a 21st century institution recreating a historical past, what do you think the role of the Baron & Baroness in using modern technologies, especially social media, should be?
  19. Do you participate in SCA combat? If not, how would you lead and inspire Dragon’s Laire’s forces upon the field?
    • Will the Dragon’s Laire war band still be the Legio Draconis?
  20. What are your top priorities for your entire term as Coronets?
  21. Conflict is bound to happen. What is your strategy for dealing with conflict between
    members of the populace that do not directly involve you? For dealing with conflicts
    that do directly involve you?
  22. Do you have non-SCA commitments that will prevent you from attending events
    both in and outside the Barony that the Coronets are expected to attend? If so, how
    do you plan on handling those conflicts?
  23. For some it is the Pageantry of the SCA that really evokes the ambiance of a
    ‘Camelot’ or ‘Medieval’ style. How do you feel about pageantry? How will you include
    it in your Courts, your Camp, retinue, progress, etc.?