Description of the menu for Harvest Feast on Oct 21, 2023

Reminder: meal pre-reg for Harvest Feast closes Sept 30

If you want to join us for the delightful German feast, please remember that meals need to be pre-reserved and pre-paid, so our cooks know how much to make! (And have grocery money.) There will be off-board seating for those who prefer to bring their own meal.

The link to view the menu & pre-register is:

The pre-registration form also gives you the OPTION of pre-paying the site fee for the day, for your convenience. You can even tell us that you need off-board seating space or that you’re leaving before the feast.

There are a variety of payment options, from in-person to online.

All the event information can be found on our Event website (click here for the website). We also have a Facebook event site (click here for the Facebook event).