Tuesday Social Special Activities for September

Click here if you need the address — or other details about our weekly gatherings and martial practices. All martial activities are on their SUMMER schedule — this means that Heavy/Armored Combat, Rapier, and Thrown Weapons will practice on Tuesday, alongside the Social. Archery practice will be held on Wednesday evenings. **However, this will likely start to change around the end of September, as days grow shorter and the rains come in earnest.**

DateWhat’s happening at Dragon’s Laire’s Tuesday Social?
Sept. 5Baronial Business Meeting – starts at 6:30pm. These meetings are open to anyone and are a good source of information about what is happening in the Barony.
Sept. 12Class: Introduction To Nalbinding – by HE Eilidh Keldeleth. Her Excellency Eilidh has been working with this Northern Scandinavian knitting technique for a number of years and knows many (if not all) of the multitudinous ways it can be learned/practiced.
Sept. 19Game Night: featuring Nine Man Morris. Lucy of Leke, Games Minister of mighty Dragon’s Laire, returns with another game for us to learn! We will learn some of the history of the game, make our own game boards, and give it a go.
Saturday, Sept. 23SPECIAL EVENT! Arts & Sciences Day Camp! * Food * Classes * Demos *
Details: https://dragonslaire.antir.org/wordpress/events/ans-day-camp/
Sept. 26Class: Introduction To Feasting In The SCA – by HL Jessy “Jess” Gateman. With September heralding the transition from Tournament Season to Feast Season, HL Jess will help you prepare for attending a feast. What feasting gear to bring? What about feast etiquette — and what to expect during the feast itself?

Upcoming classes: Inkle Weaving (as taught by Domina Alys Graye) and a host of classes taught by the multi-talented Baron Jacques de Normandie (Jim Wingren Jr.). More information will be revealed shortly.

Reminder: The Baronial Chatelaine, Halldora Bjorn heraldic device for Halldora Bjorn is looking for people from Dragon’s Laire to give short lectures and vignettes on various subjects of the SCA. “I’m basically looking for an extension of what we have on display at June Faire (costume making, cooking info, weaving, spinning, metal work, archery equipment, etc).” She is envisioning 15-min talks, just enough to give new members an introduction. If you are available and willing to give a short presentation, please contact DragonsLaire.Chatelaine@AnTir.org .

If you have a topic of special interest to you, please reach out to Master Arontius at DragonsLaire.ArtNSci@AnTir.org , and he’ll see what he can do to get it covered by a knowledgeable speaker. He is especially looking for Introductory Classes for those just joining the Baronial Family. Please volunteer to teach! We would appreciate multiple perspectives, and multiple generations, in the imparting of knowledge and passion.
Thank You!
– HL Arontius of Bygelswade heraldic device for Arontius of Bygelswade, Arts and Sciences Minister of Dragon’s Laire