Tuesday Social special activities for November

We have upcoming special activities for our Tuesday Socials (link to more details) — especially important during the Fall and Winter months, as the Populace stays inside.

Special activities generally start at 6:30pm. Here’s what we have upcoming in November:

Nov. 1Business Meeting / Financial Committee MeetingEveryone is welcome to attend! Hear the news, find out what is being planned for the future, etc.
Nov. 8“Protocol In The SCA”, taught by Countess Elisabeth de RossignolLearn how to recognize the regalia, circlets, medallions and all the other accoutrement of ranking in the SCA.
Nov. 15“SCA 101”, taught by HE Conchobar MacEoin (aka Gaius Veturius Scaevola)Advice for getting started in the SCA.
Nov. 22Sergeantry Meeting Learn more about the Sergeantry program in Dragon’s Laire.
Additionally, The Dragon’s Laire Instrumental Chorus may hold a practice in the kitchen area.
Nov. 29“Kumihimo (Japanese braiding)”, taught by HL Diana CartierLearn how to make a Kumihimo keychain or bookmark. Class size is 10 people, with a cost of about $5 to cover supplies. To sign up for the class, please contact the instructor at mrstrucker_58@yahoo.com.

Our Arts & Sciences team is looking for more classes to hold in December and January. If you have something you’d like to teach, or you have something specific you’d like to learn, let Altaliana de Segna heraldic device for Altaliana de Segna know!