Coronet’s Letter, September A.S. LVII

Posted on behalf of Baroness Kloe of Thira heraldic device for Kloe of Thira and Baron Arion the Wanderer heraldic device for Arion the Wanderer

Greetings unto the mighty barony of Dragon’s Laire!

Harvest Feast

Pre-reg is open for Harvest Feast with a cap of 100 people for feast seating. The feast is being prepared by Master ThangbrandR and his fantastic team. To get a seat at the table, check out the event page:

Join Us and help determine who will be the next Arts and Sciences and Bardic Champions of Dragon’s Laire! Bring what you are working on to share with everyone as well.

Autumn War

While Autumn War was lightly attended, those who did brave the heat were busy! Hawthorne and David helped keep us hydrated during the War and served as Retinue for Arion as needed. Sigridr served on the Crown’s and Arion’s Retinue and hosted Sven and Anne, from Blatha an Oir, and Master Balin the Hunter and Domina Alys Graye, recent transplants from Caid, were in the Baronial encampment. Balin loves to cook and stopped by numerous times to offer wondrous treats as we sat under the day shade and chatted. And a great BIG thank you to Balin for feeding Arion amazing dinners on Friday and Saturday … far better than the trail mix I had planned! Skala did block printing for kids on Saturday. Fay enhanced every moment with her sweet cuteness and abundant energy.

Stephen the Sinister and Arion fought as archers with the Myrmidons who fielded the following members of the Barony: Poseidonis, Herotodus, Briseis, Ajax, Patroclus and Erin. Ajax had the best move of the War, capturing the flag in the Castle battle as part of a brilliant strategy move by the Myrmidons. The 10 minute scenario ended less than 2 minutes in with Ajax proudly walking out of the Castle with flag in hand. Everyone looked crestfallen with not having the full 10 minutes, so Ajax apologized and took the flag back and fighting resumed.

Farkas Cedricson fought with His Royal Majesty’s hand picked fighters!

And a big shout out to Blanda for serving as Arion’s personal protector during the War!

Arkhai and Milo set up Target Siege on both Saturday and Sunday. Scoring was done on Sunday. Both the King and Queen got to shoot the triple bow ballista. His Royal Majesty had the honor of being the first Monarch in the Known World registering a score! Kara entered the Thrown Weapons Tourney and spent time on a number of Ranges.

And Badger, who had been lurking at June Faires for a number of years as a modern attendant, came out to camp with us and play! Welcome to the Barony!

September Crown

September Crown was a bustling energetic beast that brought people from all ends of the Kingdom.  Watching the Barony work alongside the Kingdom team was a testament to the strength of our Barony to put on exceptional events. Dragon’s Laire’s populace received high praise this weekend from the Crown event set up team. Your hard work, joyful service and amazing can-do attitude was noticed and appreciated. So many thank you’s have poured out from the event team, and Master Arontius’ words of high praise and thanks pale in comparison to anything we could write here.  So we say thank you, to the hard working, dedicated team, the populace of this Mighty Barony, for working so hard to create a memorable September Crown, and for being welcoming to all the populace of An Tir and new fledgeling participants to the SCA. Your kindness and welcoming attitude speaks volumes to those around us.

Heading into the winter months

As the days grow shorter and we transition inside we are looking forward to the gathering of the community for socials and classes, fighting under the field lights, and the shift to Sunday during the day Thrown Weapons and Archery. To the time we spend together building upon knowledge and skills while we tuck away from the cold and wet that comes with winter in Washington. 

We are also looking forward to the opportunity to gather with our neighbors in support of their events and hope that those who can are able to spread out beyond our borders to visit and learn from those around us.  With that in mind our intended progress is posted below.

Always in Service to the populace of Dragon’s Laire, and the Crown of An Tir,

Kloe, Baroness
Arion, Baron

The Coronets Progress thru December

Vulcanalia – Vulkanfeldt, Union Gap, Wa – 09/16-18/2022 – Both Kloe and Arion
Harvest Feast – Dragon’s Laire – 10/08/2022 – Both Kloe and Arion
Rose and Thorn Symposium – 10/15/2022 – Canton of Caladphort, Oakville, WA – Maybe Kloe
Harvest Feast – 11/5/2022 – Blatha An Oir – Kloe attending
Collegium – 11/11-13/2023 – Aquaterra, Everett, WA – Maybe Kloe, Arion attending
Glymm Mere Yule – Glymm Mere – Both a Maybe