The Return to In-Person Activities!

Dragon’s Laire returns to in-person activities and events on November 2nd with Social, Armored and Rapier fight practices, and the Finance and Business meetings!

For more information please carefully review the ‘In-Person Activities and Events‘ page:

If you need clarification of the policies, please email the Seneschal at

If you would like to engage in discussion of the necessity of the policies and procedures and their requirements, emails should be sent to one of the following Officers:
– the Kingdom Seneschal, Prima Attia at OR
– the Board of Directors President, Duke John the Bearkiller, at OR
– the Society Seneschal, Mistress Elasait ingen Diarmata, at OR
– the Antir Ombudsman, Sir Jibril al-Dakhil, at

In Service,

Furia Dommitia, Seneschal
Ciar ingen Fiachnae, Deputy Seneschal
Máenach na Cailled, Webminister


Masks are required indoors for everyone age 3 and up.

Masks are recommend outdoors.

Masks are NOT required while in active combat.

Masks are NOT required while eating or drinking. BUT you should stay in one spot, no roaming, and socially distance.

COVIDSafe Proof of Vaccination or Negative COVID19 Test

A government issued photo ID for all adults is required when showing proof.

Proof of COVID19 Vaccination Status OR Negative Test results for adults and children age 12 and up are required.

Updated Food and Drink policy

Communal vessels, such as 5 gallon coolers or electric water kettles, are allowed. Shared water bottles and cups are still not.

Food or snacks in single serving packets are encouraged! New rules for food cooking and serving have been posted and require a mask and gloves.