An Update from the Seneschal

From the Seneschal of Dragon’s Laire

To the forbearing Populace of Dragon’s Laire,

Firstly, thank you all for your patience with the sudden and last minute changes we have all faced this month due to the rapid and unexpected increase in COVID cases. I completely understand your frustration and hopefully, this will address some of your questions and concerns.

The Zoom link for tonight’s Social is:

A huge thank you to our Webminister Maenach who managed to keep it the same link we were using previously in a matter of minutes.

Here are some much anticipated answers:

All activities are currently on pause at this time.

Their Excellencies and I have agreed on the following plan for returning to in-person activities, using data compiled and shared by the Kitsap Public Health Department and viewable at

The Plan:

We will return in-person when the Kitsap County ‘cases per 100,000 per 7 days’ drop below 100 new cases, or below 10% positive infections, for three consecutive days.

Masks will be required in all indoor spaces and social distancing encouraged during practice activities. These are the same parameters the State used for reopening phases.

Masks will return to ‘optional but recommended’ when ‘cases per 100,000 per 7 days’ drops below 50.

Updates will be posted on Friday evenings, including the data shared from the Kitsap Public Health website, and be shared via the website, the email list, and the Dragon’s Laire Facebook Page and Groups.

In the meantime, please continue to share resources for armor, armor repair, garb design, ballista (hint hint), Heraldry, persona development, and any other activity or interest that help to contribute the components that combine to make the Barony and the Populace as amazing as it is! (Shameless plug, the website is looking for new content!)

Please be safe, take care of each other, and I look forward to being in person again soon!

Furia Dommitia