Online Finance & Business Meeting: Thursday, April 2nd

Originally posted by Ciar ingen Fiachnae:

Greetings Mighty Barony!

We will be having Finance and Business Meeting on Thursday, April 2nd at 6:30.

Please submit monthly reports as normal!

We are probably going to use Teams for the online meeting.

I know there are a variety of options for online meetings but Teams is free, supports well over 100 people, and only requires a website and speakers. Optionally a webcam and a microphone are a bonus but they are not required. When it hits the right time, you click on the link and join the room.

Instructions and a link will be on the Baronial website once we confirm the range of devices.

If, after testing, Teams is not what we thought, this post will be updated with the system we will be using.

Ciar ingen Fiachnae