Baronial Polling

By order of Their Majesties King Christian Bane & Queen Hélène d'Anjou, Their Excellencies Baron Conchobar MacEoin & Baroness Eilidh Keldeleth must begin the process of Succession. To that end the declarations of intent will begin immediately. For those intending to put their names in, letters of intent and SCA resume are due to the Crown, Ourselves, and Her Ladyship Ciar ingen Fiachnae by March 6th. The tentative date for Polling will be April 7th. The Changeover will be done at June Faire.

We know this comes as a shock to the populace, and June Faire is not what We would have chosen, but Dragon’s Laire is made of resilient people. We hope you all pull together and make this a smooth transition.

Specifics on dates, meet & greets, etc, will come from the Baronial Seneschal next week.

As always, in service

Baron Conchobar & Baroness Eilidh

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