Welcome to the new web site for Dragon’s Laire!

This site should be considered a preview for the moment; www.dragonslaire.org is still our official site. However, in not too long this site will replace the old one and the old address will simply redirect to this one. With that in mind:

Feedback please!

If you thing something needs to be added, removed, or changed before the site goes live, please let me know! There are already a few items on my list but I’m sure there are things I’ve missed or forgotten about. Please email me at DragonsLaire.Webminister@AnTir.org!

Next Steps

  • Rebuild the monthly report form so it works from this site
  • Rebuild the award recommendation form so it works from this site
  • Add the meeting notes and Flames archive and protect it with a password


Máenach na Cailled